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We are absolutely spoiled with the next. week of content there's so many new slot. releases out I'm going to be trying them. all but my favorite one that just. released I've not played it yet but the. first one that ever came out pinea. Plinko is so much fun and I'm so excited. this could end up being my favorite slot. ever I have $10,000 deposited today. we're tracking our deposits and. withdrawals for the month it's not going. so hot it's not going so hot but. hopefully we can turn things around from. this. this game the entire the entire bonus. like the point of the game is the Plinko. bonus and you can pay an extra 100% of. your bet to get a. 100% um wait wind scatter yeah double. chance enter so it's 100% extra chance. to get into the bonus and you can just. straight up buy it we're going to go for. some $40 spins first and I think I'm.

Going to can I turn on turbo so this is. a $20 base bet but we're paying two. times the amount so typically anytime I. would try this I would get into the. bonus very fast and there also before. that was a different kind of uh oh here. we go here we go no so those numbers. that you see go up on the Plinko or on. like on the scatter there those numbers. are how many drops you get on the board. and then as you get more drops like you. can advance further into the board and. get bigger wins it's a super addicting. concept of a slot it's just a little. rough sometimes basically to get a good. bonus on it you want about at least like. 20 to 25 starting balls the most I've. ever got is like 45 and it ended up. being like a 600x so I'm excited to see. what we get today right now we're not. getting anything though I mean we're.

Paying 100% of the base bet to try and. get into the bonus we've almost lost. $1,000. oh god dude I I really expected to get. into this fast cuz previously when I. would try to do this I would get so many. baits like it seemed like it would crank. out the bonuses like no. tomorrow but it's just cranking out our. money right now this is not good I think. the max symbol is that gnome as well you. just look so. jolly okay this is this is a little. concerning it's it's making me want to. buy it at this point I didn't expect to. have this many dead spins let me let me. up the bat let's do $80 bet wait do I. even have feature bet on I do so what's. the problem here I like that it goes up. to. 73 oh my God I like that it goes up to a. high betat oh here we go yes wow okay so. this is a $3,600 buy I think $40 base. bet don't have too many drops here.

Though what is this roll the scatters. for a chance at more starting drops Dam. you can roll I'm tempted to roll this. cuz four is really bad I think that's. like the least you can. get come on nine all right that was I. think worth it I mean we have 19 balls. now instead of 15 before I think we had. 15 so this is how it works here you need. this guy to get all the way to this end. we only have 19 balls though it's still. going to be tough how you build it up is. is by hitting these I'm not sure what. the gold ball is either I saw there was. like some kind of gold ball so you you. want it to just bounce off of these a. ton cuz it moves it forward and then the. higher level you get uh basically so. like instead of dropping one ball on. level two it drops two for every click. you. do this is I mean we kind of got a.

Chance it's going in a little. bit I like that you can still get a. th000 ax on level one it was uh it was. saying O that was a good balce I don't. know we're like halfway there. we just need one oh we need one there we. go I was just going to say we need one. really good one that bounces like crazy. that didn't even touch them. uhoh o that was a good one that was a. good Builder so there's something to do. with like this the Golden Ball it says. you can win up to a 10,000x I'm assuming. you have to like get it to bounce in. there. somehow I'm not sure how that part works. okay that just straight up avoided the. center this is a little concerning we. only have four balls left and we're dude. we're really close to. it that was a good bounce oh my God come. on. no last ball this has to do. it yes okay now we full on retrigger we.

Should get 19 more balls and it should. be on two now oh we only got 10 that's. up okay good starter. bounce so in case you don't know how. Plinko works oh I thought we were going. to get a golden ball whatever it falls. in down here these numbers are. multipliers on your bet so if you get. 1,000 it's 40K wa we just hit 10 so. there's. 400 I don't know this is kind of cooking. it's not too oh that was almost a bounce. over the like 100x it's bouncing a. little crazy I don't know how it's. getting back to the center on some of. these bounces I really want to get one. of those Golden. Balls dude it keeps wanting to bounce. over there and then it's some oh my God. wait who whoa it was on that how do you. get that. I don't know how you get that it was on. it and it just didn't go so we got a. th000 so. far. eh I mean I paid I paid what $900 to.

Respin that so I definitely I don't know. that wasn't worth it I'm just glad we. got into the bonus I'm doing something. big for anyone that supports. your boy okay I am giving away $5,000 in. the form of a weekly wager race for. anyone that plays under code fencer g on. gamdom not only do you get activated for. the $5,000 by using my code players will. also get a daily surprise as well as. instant daily weekly and monthly rank. back on all of their bets and I'm not. done there make sure you guys go in the. description and join my Discord the link. is always in there because you can stay. up to date with all the leaderboard. statistics but additionally I'm going to. be giving away free spins in there tips. all kinds of bonuses you name it I'm. going to be doing it to give back to you. guys so to get activated for all this.

Make sure you go over to the rewards tab. once you register on game down click. activate now and enter code fencer GG I. forgot on top of all that you also get. 15% rate back for the first 7 Days by. activating thank you guys so much for. watching and enjoy the rest of the video. 18 yeah we we had really really really. low amount you know what I bet what it. is is every level you go up they give. you 10. balls what did I just hit $22,000 what. did I hit oh five line of him wow okay. we're back up to starting balance. what what I bet it is is uh every level. retrigger oo come. on a I bet every level retrigger you. get 10 drops so if you if you get to the. next level early on those balls overlap. I would assume that's not a five line of. him oh wait is he he's got to be the. biggest one right dude that would have.

Been 8K to get five line Piney are you. kidding me. 5'9 I'm about to up the bat a little bit. here what's the next step up 160 this is. $8 base bat I feel like this bait's way. less than it used to oh 410 come. on yes oh this isn't that good though to. respin these it's 2K I feel like I got. to do it cuz we have the 10 in the. center give me something big six. oh. that's really. bad I mean we got through on 20 on the. last one this is a $80 base bet so I'm. just going to take. it I don't understand how the Golden. Ball works though maybe it's just. something random that. happens oh my God first two drops just. didn't even touch the center I think we. might be . here those first two drops straight up. didn't even touch it oh like how does. that get back towards the center what is. that. 12 drops if we get in we're definitely.

Not getting much. overlap it's avoiding it again oh okay. okay two hits down there I mean we're. halfway through our balls and we're less. than halfway through that which is a. little concerning we need one really. lucky drop that bounces like. crazy like that that was good that was. good oh and it hit five nice we have a. chance oh five I thought we were going. to get. 100x wow that one just completely dude. two avoiding it in a. row we're about to lose money on this. cuz I paid 2K to respin the uh the. amount yeah that's GG's wow 1,600 we. lost money on that $80 base bet that is. brutal so we've gotten really unlucky on. the amounts I promise you this slot's. good oh come on no 11 oh 18 and five. 18 and five oh God I don't even want. this yeah four four so now we're getting. all kinds of. baits 18 and five that would have been.

Really. good these are $160 crankers right. now I wonder if it like gives you a. little bit better chance if you buy them. like if you get better scatters cuz ooh. 16 that's a good one if we get. in come. on oh there's a five live. line I don't know so far these bonuses. have not been. impressive nine that's not bad just give. it just give it come on . 14 the bases are really tough. too I don't know I might buy into. one I don't like where this is trending. we've lost about half our. balance. okay let's uh let's 3600 or 1,800 Let's. do let's see if I can do 1,800 and then. oh it's so. bad I guess I'm going to respin this. look at those big oh 20 wow 34 balls. theoretically this should be really good. I imp possibly jinxing it this should be. good I'm just going to like turbo drop. these in the beginning because we should.

Like. what who whoa whoa whoa whoa how do we. have these it's launching them back up. look at this I have 21 balls and we're. almost. halfway how did we get. these yo this could go. crazy those those things in the middle. are so. good like this theoretically should be a. really good bonus look at this each drop. is going to be four balls now wait it. didn't even give us more balls though it. didn't give us more balls this. time wait a minute I'm so. confused why is it not dropping. four it it says we're on one I'm so. confused I don't get. it does it give it four lives I'm so. confused on pinea Plinko one you would. drop four balls I I guess each ball oh. you know what that might be what it is. maybe each ball gets four. lives oh that was a. 10 I feel like that's what it is I don't. know I feel like we're not going to.

Retrigger again. here okay that's not what it is I'm very. confused then I I I don't understand. what's. happening is it just. over no we're just getting started wait. we did all all of. that so we still have level four. unlocked I think I'm 90% sure we have. level four. unlocked dude this should be a crazy. bonus like I I don't see how this. wouldn't end up being an insane bonus. cuz we should I don't want to jinx it we. should have a really good shot at. getting level. eight. wow no the thingies are gone though. I mean I'm glad we had them for the time. we did but they're gone now like I'm I'm. pretty sure we have level four wow those. both just avoided them the. middle that so in four balls right there. we touched the middle once so now do we. get 10 drops yep 10 drops four balls per. drop we're definitely hitting level.

Eight now oh my God I I had a deposit. that didn't go through so I had to hit. up support and they're just now. responding okay there we're we're at. level eight now one of these please drop. into the Thousand no what is that how. did that not go in the thousand. a I'm. fuming I'm also wondering what this. is I don't know if we're going to get to. level. 16 oh my God those those far drops just. coming back to the center are. absurd yeah see it's it's not it's not. moving up nearly as much now too but. we're going to have 80 balls to drop. here. so I guess it could you know maybe still. have a. chance look at this level eight or level. four eight. balls yeah I don't know I feel like. that's not going to make it there it. just doesn't have a lot of I don't. know don't get me wrong it's like. progressing but I just don't know if.

It's progressing enough ooh that was a. good drop that was a really good drop. there I think we hit a 10x there. too that was pretty. weak no that was a really bad round that. was so bad we were progressing decently. and then that was just a terrible round. that was good though that was good 24. balls left oh please come on that was. such a good round there too. 10x yes oh oh my God I can't believe. we're on 16 balls per drop next I highly. doubt we're going to retrigger again. but my God if we. did come. on I I wonder why these are gone wait. wait wait maybe maybe these balls can go. in the hole now and we get like a golden. ball look at. that I don't know that went right by. it oh my. God I I don't know if we have enough. juice to get us to the next. level realistically probably not I we. have six more. drops yeah we would need this to be like.

Halfway oh my. God yeah I don't think we're getting. there wait we just got to hope for. 1,000x God we haven't even got 100x man. there's a. 10x this many balls dropping and we. can't even get 100x man come on or the. Golden Ball last drop. here dude what a bonus this is this game. is so much. fun. damn just think of think of that on like. a $80 bet like that that is so much fun. I don't know I'm tempted to go back in. like I'm tempted to buy another one. let's try and uh let's try and buy a. 3,680. I think I'm going to roll the five. here let's do. it got one extra I mean 20 balls isn't. terrible I guess I'll try to roll. this oh we got I paid to make it. worse I guess I'm going to start it wow. so this is technically a $5,000 buy. now we got to get lucky yeah so so how. did I get the Springs I don't know what. I did to get the.

Springs ooh that was good we should get. a retrigger. here yep we got it we got. it 10 drops. here oh that was. bad oh they are allergic to the middle. here oh this is not looking. good yeah we got two drops to get there. I don't think it's happening wow this is. a big. loss oh God we paid like 5K for. that that was so bad okay I I just got. to hope we spin into a bonus with the. rest of this if you guys want me to keep. making videos on this slot I will. absolutely do it cuz I I love this like. this game's so much fun we're just just. having a bit of a bit of an unlucky run. here right. now maybe we can spin into one. though the potential is just insane I. really. oh I wonder how you get that Golden Ball. thing it says you have a chance at a. 10,000x I would assume it has something. to do with those those like holes that.

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