30.04.2024 This ONE Bonus Cost $140,000 - MAX!! Gates of Olympus...

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Foreign. we just lost 350 000 playing won. it so uh. that's that. um. I'm pretty intelligent right now. we're gonna do it all in buying Gates on. game them you can rub it all the way up. to 1400 spins so that means we can do a. 140k by. which we're gonna do uh we just need a. 300X and we back. um. so hopefully we do that. to the three under ice on a master was. three legs like. just the three on X literally just a. three others please. like that that's. doable. oh for sure just don't be a 10x like if. I get 100K back I'll you know that's. okay but just don't be one of those 10x. [ __ ] dude. yellow the green blocks the yellows. there that's fine kind of went too early. let him hit. why is it only two x's though. like building multi though yeah. we got ten percent back. rewarding sexy. please don't do me dirty. like come on man.

Hello. peace out bro. again another 2X yellows this is weird. there's only even two axes. it's the max. bed size script dude where it doesn't. count well you can't hit more than two. x's dude there's no way this place 18K. right. wow. I'm Dreaming right like that didn't just. happen right. we didn't just get a 18K back from. Hunter. 40K by right. what the . I thought that's not true bones. oh. that didn't just happen. what the . like of anybody I could do that one. decided to be a 10x. 500 please. just get us in again maybe holy hell. that was so bad. yeah all right whatever peace. I'm a disbelief of that like there is no. shot we just. 140k buys I paid that. like I I know Gates is bad but like can. it not be that bad for me. like all my big buys is just completely. fluffed in the slot like it's like it's. just cap for me.

Like another 2x yeah like we only hit. two x's. another two eggs like it's so weird. crowns you would be sick the diesel sap. went off. like that have been half the money back. guaranteed. you're a dude. okay we had a four oh my God. a lot of time man yeah. come on one off. remember we got 50x. pieces something there. that's such a bad board double jumpery. oh close the blues went off. like is it just impossible for me to win. in Gates like generally generally this. is a thing. like I might and I avoid this game and. everyone tells me to play it but I. avoided just because it's been super bad. for you but like surely eventually it. would pay something for me no. that's what you would think. hello. this is a joke dude it's a really bad. yoy that's for sure. I'm so tired of this game dude. I'm just batting it like um. this is surreal dude literally surreal.

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