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All right before the video starts just. want to let you guys know that somewhere. in the video there's a hidden code and. if you're the first person to find it. and send me a message on Twitter with. the code and your stake username you'll. get a free tip anyways let's get right. into the video all right I thought maybe. we try some highrisk Plinko we got 1.2k. in the balance we on stake like. normal let's just throw some $10. balls see if that 10,000 x 26x okay. right off the bat we hit a. 26x is that how uh how Plinko is going. to treat us. today. k9x come on let's see let's see a crazy. ball dude can we finally hit 1,000x on. video been trying this for a long. time I think I deserve it dude. oh my gosh one of them was really. looking like it we've hit a lot of nines. which is pretty. good oh my gosh. 26 I thought that one was going to be.

110 to be honest. but we'll definitely take a. 26 come on though let's see a fat ass. Plinko ball right now. I just want to see something just smack. down. nine come on 10,000 bucks that would be. insane. 26 nine I mean the balance is looking. pretty damn good from this right. now but that could change really. fast today's going to be the day. though today's going to be be the day. I'm feeling it for some reason. come on let's see that THX. man balance is getting back down to. where we. started got to hit something again. hopefully the major juice comes in right. now balance really isn't looking too bad. 26 yeah not bad at all after. that feel like I'm clicking way faster. than the balls are coming down. dude sorry to interrupt the video but if. you guys were planning to play on stake. and wanted some extra VIP rewards make.

Sure to go to the little guy in the top. right after you sign up go to settings. go to offers and where it says welcome. offer make sure you type in code supper. this will give you instant access to. their rakeback system and it also helps. me tremendously with making these videos. so I appreciate anyone who used that. code and let's get right back into the. video maybe. not cuz when I start to click faster. they do come down F 130 130 dude I wish. that was the Thousand but I'll. definitely take a 130 we got 2.6k in the. balance let's keep keep that up bro. let's keep that up let's see something. crazy hit I mean 130 is already crazy. but I'm you know what I want to see you. know exactly what I want to. see let's see the actual crazy one hit. now I've hit so many 130s on the. videos I deserve the Thousand on video.

Now I deserve the Thousand. man 2.5k in the balance though that's. that's looking pretty damn nice I can't. lie. 2.6 let's keep it going though keep this. pushing right now they're really. coming let's see come. on all the way to the right or all the. way to the left. okay I mean couple. nines balance is honestly. increasing so we'll take it. but oh my gosh what the hell just. happened with that one one of them just. jumped. off 130 again 130 again dude we got 3.7k. in the balance. holy holy. dude dude it wants to hit it wants to. hit what is going on it literally wants. to a lot of nines again dude what is. happening this Plinko session is. insane imagine if we can just slam the. 100 or the THX. now 13k in the balance dude that would. be insane. 3.5k though is. definitely still really really. good I might have to end it soon here.

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