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What is going on ladies and gentlemen we. are finally back with another video. today here on the channel and we have. some sweep andanza for you guys today. hopefully you all do enjoy as you can. see we are back with the webcam like I. said the next like well they I had one. video before this with webcam this one. and then maybe like two more will all. have webcam and I'm going to try to keep. them going but I like the record ahead. and it's like it's kind of hard to like. upload all this keep my memory cards I. don't have enough memory cards like they. they get filled so quick whenever I'm. recording these and and uh yeah it's a. stupid excuse but hey at least we're. going to have some webcam videos out um. and I know you guys have been asking for. them and by the way we're back on sweep. bananza hopefully this goes well we're.

Starting out with $24 back from $800. bonus we're going to try sending like. two maybe one more of these we'll. probably do one more um $800 bonus. and probably drop down the bed size a. little bit cuz just before this we had. just lost 5K as well I'm down like 20. 30k today like it is bad and um I just. wanted to record ahead like a couple. videos that was it I I don't I don't. know I just can't see the win in a. single video lately so um we had to. bring the webcam luck our last video we. didn't have the webcam luck hopefully. this one we can uh you know bring it. back and make some profit. here all right and then we're down to. our last spin all right nice final 800. and then we'll go ahead and dropped the. B size down probably to like 600. honestly 2,800 here we start with 5K so. um I already not starting out the.

Best green are would have been nice it's. not a bad. hit all right we got 200 back we're. almost there we're almost halfway we're. halfway to the. halfway all right banana. wow I know it's going to be a bad bonus. when we're one off of the lowest symbol. last three. spins okay and then we're down we're. down to our last SP I don't know why. it's it's it's so bad right now. like let's see it's swe. banza all right starting out with a hit. this time nine. spins. Plum okay one off oh this was um. starting out a little slow here I I'd. kind of like to being in profit already. after like two spins that'd be. nice good nope never. mind final. five. good oh that's still not going to do it. we're only at 100 back okay and then our. last two spins here let's see. it and our final. spin all right um I feel like we just. have to increase it so we're going.

$1,200 bonus buy $1,200 bonus buy this. is so dumb come on boys 10. spins. okay we just need a single bonus to pay. like we've been struggling to get one. bonus all right there we go that's. something back all right 4 63 which is. somehow this is this is the best we've. seen on a bonus so far we're not even a. profit yet there we go that's nice. oh we needed a blue to drop there we had. that blue drop this tumble would have. been pretty good that's only $400 off. now it took having the risk a stupid big. buy here to potentially get profit we're. still not even in profit yet though. so last three. spins nice plums nice okay grapes no uh. I oh we're not there yet but we're still. so close we're $50. off is that it that's definitely it. that's definitely it all right there we. go we finally made profit here $50 $50.

Profit let's drop that bet size down go. down to a 1K $1,600 bonus or $1,600 left. I don't know I've been confusing that um. $1,600 left there bouns $11,000 bonus. come. on. good all right. huh nice it's a good screen for a 10x. all. right 300 back come on we're almost. halfway plums watermelon good pinks. would have been very good especially on. a 16 but that's not the worst tumble. we've. had almost pinks yet again only two off. there. blue drop nice banana nice we need a. multi we need a. multi oh we need a multi so bad a multi. there come on only get a 6X we're almost. in profit though and we get this retrig. so it's not. bad okay T of multipliers there. 19x last five spins good pumps oh pumps. on both of those sides that profit. though no still $50. off okay final three. spins it's like we get so close to. profit it's it's so close like we're.

Right there oh never mind we made a. dollar it actually is going to give us. the dollar that is crazy before we get. back into the video guys if you are. above the age of 18 and new to gandam. and want a chance to claim some re. rewards go to the rewards button after. registering and at the bottom of the. page you will see a box that says claim. bonus in this box you can type in code. Tony edits to instantly unlock yourself. a 15% rakeback for your first 7 Days. registered here on gamdom as well as. gain access to instant rakeback weekly. rakeback and monthly rakeback and you. can also claim this daily surprise bonus. every 24 hours I appreciate all of your. support and thank you guys so much for. checking out today's video and let's get. right back into it let's see it boys. another 1K. just like a double up like it it's like.

Impossible at this. point. okay. nice. nice okay blues oh if we had the blues. or the. watermelon four spins. left all right and then our last last. two spins and the final. spin okay let's see it $800. bonus haven't seen a single profit buy. like a good. one I mean we made $50 I think that's. the best one we had and then we made a. dollar on the other profit bonus we did. have so it has not been going good. here oh those plumps that's such a weird. like I feel like it never does that that. was like a weird way to scatter them out. we we hit a 50x here okay it's not the. best tumble but we'll take it little 50x. connection 440. here it's hard to be excited here where. we're down so much and that in that 50x. did like it didn't even put us into. money back. here. okay last three. spins. um. Blues we need one okay ton of multis no.

Tumble on that and then our last. spin L. connect. okay we'll take. it kind of money back there at the end. yeah cuz we're still at 1,800 all right. here we go another $800 bonus. buy. okay. this one is not looking like uh how the. other one went but we got to hope for a. second half bonus here five spins. left here we. go there we go watermelon oh that works. too all right one of the better hits I. guess so far this bonus three spins left. to make something happen we need. a 100x man we need 100x on like. hearts last two. spins and then our final spin all right. that is insane okay let's go ahead and. just send it $1,000 bonus boys I don't. know what to do anymore like this is so. bad this is so bad one of the worst. sessions I've had on here in so long. $1,000 bonus let's just send. it nice grapes will connect too right.

Yep got an 8X on this board too let's. kind of hope we get an extra scatter but. at least we get a rri here kind of early. need a comeback on the. Allin. nice good little connection. there okay 446 back so far and we still. have 11. spins come. on 10 spins left. here come on we're only half back we are. only half back here can we finally see. another profit bonus here like a good. one. maybe I believe in the second half. bonus good oh that was Max on the banana. Plum another multi oh another multi. there at the end would have been good. but that is profit finally that is. profit 1,00. here come on we have three spins. remaining okay. $8 last two. and then our last. spin all right I mean we did make profit. on that one let's go ahead and send a. $1,200. bonus come on this is like our all like. if we lose this we are done.

Here okay multi multi please where's the. multi M okay we get a 4X we need another. mul oh this is good please another one. oh nice nice nice nice nice all right. that's the kind of comeback we needed. it's a little bit of a comeback it's a. little bit of comeback. 2200 finally we almost get the double up. here and it had to be on the all end. like it just had to. be come on last spin a little bit. more Plum no all right not bad let's go. ahead and try 14 now we're it's the big. multis man all the big multis the big. buys we got to try the big buy Here. 1,400. oh one Plum. off okay this connects grapes all. right take it 200 here only have uh. 1,200 to go only 1,200 to go. here a lot easier said than done. but all right this is tumbling this is. tumbling another multi oh. nice little 10x sneaking in there and. we're actually back we're money back.

Somewhat with six spins remaining O. greens oh it doesn't connect we're too. off that multi is huge there we go 2K oh. please be the comeback. man still have five spins left. here nice plums Blues Blues nice plums. oh we need a lot of them it wasn't going. to do it it's a good hit still though. still a pretty good hit there another. 400 2600 so far one almost back up to. like. 4K okay and then our last two spins it. took so long for the slot to pay we're. 13 minutes into the video now I went. through so many bad buys there at the. beginning only for the wins to start. coming at the end of the. video towards the end of the video at. least we're not done yet we're going,. 1500 come. on 2300 still in the balance we're down. half come on 1500 can we just go three. Buys in a row three Buys in a row with. some profit. here just need this one to pay come on.

Six. spins that's going to be Plum and grae. wow oh I was kind of hoping one one more. uh one more symbol we connect. there there it is I was I say we only. need one grape on that four spins left. though it's not looking like a great. bonus especially for how much we spent. on it last two spins. and then the final spin oh okay uh let's. go 16 I mean let's just be stupid here. hopefully get like another good win here. come on a double up on this one's insane. that's a good start oh that's a good. start another multi oh we need another. multi on that all right it's already 500. back 1100 to. go. banana we need one Plum need one. Plum come. on I saw the pinks I saw the pinks that. would have been so. good we were so close we were one pink. off there that would have been huge that. would been huge with the. 50x three spins.

Too all right last. spin okay all in here boys come on. almost start out with pinks yet again. like keeps baiting us with the pinks all. right all. right. oh okay it's not bad. 472. nice a at least it drops in the 12x I. was kind of hoping for plums or blues or. something. there. nice okay nice apples apples. good good H one green oh the green. actually does drop in nice okay this is. a good tumble there we go that's. actually very very good how much is this. that's 3K that is 3K all right 3700 here. oh the all in actually popped off here. man come on it's a comeback in my book. it's a comeback. man. 4K all right we're over. 4K I I feel stupid but I want to do one. more 1K and we're just out we're out. after this it's a nice little comeback I. mean down 1K possibly 2K if this one. doesn't pay but yeah man we were almost.

At $80 so let's see how this final buy. goes hopefully profit. here and end us end us off strong here. sweet Bonanza if you guys haven't. already by the way please make sure you. guys are subscribed hit that Bell so you. guys never miss any of the daily uploads. here on the channel. nice nice we need two grapes we needed. two. grapes okay half back. nearly. good five spins some. remaining okay that's going to be. banana watermelon all right I mean we're. over half back. 600 two spins. left and our last spin. here all right um I kind of want to try. the 800 I mean we kind of have enough. might as well by the way if you're not. already please join my Discord down. below every single day here on gum I. give away five to what is it like5 to. $700 worth of free spins every single. day in my Discord so if you guys are not.

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