30.04.2024 this was my FIRST SPIN on Gates Of Olympus!!

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Hey. welcome back to the juice youtube. channel and welcome back to dual bits. 8.5 000 in the balance today you know. the drill we're going to be playing some. games as you see us messing with the. brand new dice game mode over on dual. bits boom let's go under 25 rip under 25. bingo well this is really cool as well. wait i've never seen a dice have this. actually you can bet on like intervals. let's do 200 on this in between 20 to 40. or 60 to 80.. man all right we're just trying to get. the middle percentages 20 chance to win. if we win this we get five times our bet. multiplier right here. yo. you guys get the point brand new. unique dice game mode and dude i i don't. want to do this i really don't want to. click on this but i'm like what do the. boys probably want to see and they want. to see me go crazy we're taking our 9.

500 balance to the crazy time oh my god dude why am i never on when this is happening back to back pachinkos and before that three bonus games in a row all right we got a 200 bet i'm actually gonna use autoplay for once in my life and we'll play 10 rounds here okay 200 rounds if we lose on all of these men that's 2k down the drain that can't happen oh okay 2x on crazy time and it's not even close not even close wait it's still going can we get the 10x here here goes mike stop bro i picked cash on in crazy time because these games aren't really visible on here wait oh eat ten give me the time baby you must be joking there we go okay i think it's a 300 win or no wait that's 500.

I'm so stupid how did i think that was. 300 man i'm concerned for my brain all. right we switched up to bed a little bit. as you see 75 on three different bonus. games i actually have a question for you. guys comment down below your answer. please. i know you guys are watching gambling. youtubers because you're watching me man. who's your favorite comment down below. and tell me why what about them makes. them your favorite wait like. coin flip. four hours ago or something like that. okay unlucky it's a one. yes yeah i'm starting to feel like i. came in at the wrong time uh. coin flip maybe he literally said how. about a flip no he was capping. we'll throw another 25 on crazy. time because i'm trying to get a little. crazy bro where's that crazy time out. man there is no skype. we're basically back where we started.

Man. right where we started all right man i'm. gonna up my bet 100 on each game to try. to win some extra money and if you guys. want to win some extra money as well. link in the description below check out. my twitter page we're posting weekly. giveaways for hundreds of dollars so go. drop a follow and never miss out crazy. time's gone too fast i don't have any. money on pachinko could this be coin. flip though could this be the good old. og quinn flipperoni ski. okay i'm done that's it let's go and do. a blackjack hand just so we can make. back the money that we lost you know i'm. i'm. trying to stay on top of our game here i. just lost a thousand dollars at crazy. time. i'm here to make it back see what she. has to say about that what do you think. ma'am what's your name. norenga. seven um oh okay give me that ted.

Miss naringa. bro. have to hit. mother. oh perfect thank you so much i. appreciate that probably going to push. here let's be honest. thank you ma'am thank you what are you. going to say. thank you have an amazing day too there. we go there we go i was about to just go. full karen on her like i said thank you. 1400 bye ladies and gentlemen thank you. for joining me today very very much. appreciated. and hopefully hopefully i can perform. for the gang at home you know we're. going to get rich today dude check it. we're going to get rich and i'm going to. do a fat giveaway for the boys check it. okay so far we got a 8x multi man that's. that's nice bro that's nice oh making 11. bro got 250 dollars back so far wait. it's looking juicy oh and the 4x it. sticks it sticks is this the max win bro. i feel it. 294 that's a lot of cash that's a lot of.

Bread thank you for that i'm gonna turn. it up a little bit get myself fully. immersed. in the experience another one dude. another one dude. okay wait this the potential is immense. here. i mean we have a nice multiplier but. without. you know when nothing happens nothing. happens you know. you know like could something happen for. sake hello is anybody home my oh my. there we go there we go come on now we. need a multiplier. we're not going to get a multiplier huh. we're not going to get a multi huh. dude give me the multiplier. there we go man nice man nice nice nice. 13 39 almost 37 almost an elite win we. have one spin left but let's be honest. it's a dead spin. i knew it. okay well our balance. crossed the ten thousand dollar. threshold that's pretty cool let's drop. it to 1200 responsible gambling folks. responsible gambling.

15 spins in a dream. it was all a dream shout out to biggie. come on man please dude 2x finally. sticks finally okay got some rings very. good very good. okay 8x would have been magnificent. doesn't stick that's a lot of. hourglasses they stay beautiful this. bite is awfully boring so i'm going to. spend this time to hydrate on some. caffeine. jesus man 348 dollars dude terrible get. that out of my face you know what two. thousand dollar buy ladies and gentlemen. if you made it this far in the video. well you're very fortunate because this. marks the downfall of my balance the. bets gonna get fatter my balance gonna. get smaller and slimmer you know my. balance is on weight watchers dude it. really could use some help yeah let's go. something about this soundtrack makes me. wanna freestyle but it's whack okay cut.

That out please. this is a good buy. and when i say goodbye means i'm never. going to the casino again this is . oh. okay eight dollars. oh wow. oh my god. yo if you haven't left the video a like. already what are you doing man. hashtag. team juicy let's go man let's go we're. down 5k from our peak we need this by to. perform man we need this we need this to. get to get crazy. okay first couple spins it's looking a. little bit dicey very dicey. current forecast. very dicey. okay 8x okay this is much needed man. much needed thank you for coming i. appreciate it now let's um let's kick. this into hyperdrive and make some cash. man nothing is sticking man nothing. there we go 3x it sticks wait we get. reds here right nice nice nice maybe. blues probably not yeah okay 308. okay what is happening. i just i don't even want to play i don't.

Even want to play anymore i don't like. how am i we're going for it this is the. content play right here it's not. something i want to do but it's. something i do for you guys. oh my god yo chroma code juicy if you. play on any casino get access to some. amazing rewards and support the channel. allow me to do bets like these when i. really should not whoa. that's a lot of cash what drop a 200x. what was that man what the where am. i is this is this a nightmare. i literally get the two top symbols. connected on the very first spin any. multi would have been insane but um what. a strange buy. oh my god okay we got some big multi. stick in here 3x nice i mean. uh it's okay it's okay but i'm malty man. i'm gonna be bald in my 20s dude what. the . three spins left honestly stop this cap. right now immediately oh. i mean they kind of listen we better.

Start connecting man. okay anything else here golds maybe no. wow. wow. truly magnificent splendid. good day lad. good day lad. good day lad. good day lad. boys promo referral juicy. right here use code get access to aces. rewards some of the best cashback. amongst casinos also if you want to play. a little bit smarter unlike me you can. come look at the promotions over on dual. bits and find a way to get even more. cash for your bets for example if you're. betting on basketball 10 back on losses. so you know you can look at these promos. and try to find a way to get a little. bit more edge than you know not not. having you know gamble responsibly boys. only gamble which you can afford to lose. check out the new dice game mode it's. pretty nice dice equals nice 18 plus. obviously it's gambling check out my.

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