30.04.2024 This will NEVER Happen Again?!! GATES OF OLYMPUS 1000 FINALLY PAYS HUGE!! (Highlights)

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All right boys welcome to another. highlights video also these are just my. wins so don't think of this is how it. goes all the time most of the time I. lose but you know sometimes we get some. nice wins and you guys get to see them. on YouTube so hope you guys enjoy and. let's get right into it. peace look chat got guest hi. guys sorry I'm trying to fix my back bro. so I'm standing and oh that's so. good for this month every subscriber. again I'm going to add 50 cents to this. pot at the end of the month I will give. away the whole amount that we collect to. a random subscriber the total amount. will grow depending on how many. subscribers we gain so feel free to. subscribe and add 50. cents all right Chad this is two. it's not better than before. begin it's a new slot you know a little. bit that's what he. says any oh he says the nice cat which.

One what the the it auto picked it for. me hey you got the best one I got the. best one though okay never mind chat do. they move or do they just stick oh. please don't tell me they move to the. left CH Auto picked bro what do you want. me to. do oh you can. get wait now they're five clown Mega. ways one okay so just random the no chat. you know what this is I don't want to be. that guy but. it's no dude it's hot Fiesta or. hot yeah it's it's beat the Beast it's. beat the. Beast Beat the Beast worse yeah I mean. if you H that 50x though what was the. point more wild why do we pick three the. spin wait can it retrigger and give. more. wild. oh you get the looks like it's counting. fat. it's only that if you got a 46 set on a. prag you'd be like oh that's crap like. on a playing go like we're just kind of. like oh wait maybe monkey.

Here oh. monkey I wonder if you can get bonus and. let's say you have a 50x up top you get. the bonus BS and you get a 10x maybe you. get a 10x on the 50x and then it becomes. like 500 x or whatever you try the other. game yet be which one no the pragmatic. one that's the one I want to play after. all right let's try it what's it called. hou so actually I can find it blazing. Wilds megaways this thing is . crazy to Blazing Wilds it looks awful. it's not the best looking slot but it's. not bad all right chat I'm just going to. Max bet this right now while he's. opening the window I just send. it Hy bro just whip your out less. competition you know what I'm is this. Max I'm going I'm going to whip out. right now I whip it out I'm not. looking see I'm not looking chat can you. see it all right this I'm buying a.

Bonus what you going to do a 6K bar uh. no I was going to do a little bit less. yeah do like threes or something kind of. yeah I want to don't want to lose the. balance. quick five scatters will give you spins. yeah and then six will give you 25 I. never got six but I did get five like. time interesting it's not too. bad all right let's see it chat at least. it's not like one of those other stupid. pragmatically you only get like B. P oh bro wait my brother said we can get. something cooking here Jack in the front. a wild. here not. bad okay so it stays like that if you. don't hit it in the bonus you're. guaranteed when there's a wild it always. expands right every time yeah. okay you can get two next to each other. with like good. ways is this lot new yes. sir it just came out yesterday I think. but I haven't got a chance to play it I.

Was too busy under my desk like. sh together but it looks good yeah it's. good took a while now I can actually. raise it and not have to put the stress. of a PC on. it I feel like the base game was better. chat. no we do high. yeah but I mean even like we have like a. 9k win 6K win 2K win this is like oh my. God like. a I mean sevens now with a wild like. wild here and a seven but even then the. multi now it's only. one. no wow look at the ways in the middle. though bro wild wild wild that's like 1. 2 3. 4 I see some crazy ones like 12 x sh I. want you under my desk Baby Otis what. the . man 30k ways yeah dude you can get some. big ways but no Wilds. 11,000 okay that was. let's go for. 480 try again chat. boom 15 spin when you like to get tired. let me know no no I'm good good I've. just been sat down for an hour my I was.

Just playing oh I got a game for us play. game yeah think of Ark survival yeah but. with Pokemon oh yeah so you catch them. and you like send them out and you can. like make them work for you like in your. in your build and they like farm for you. and like make food and so do it's. called power world it just came out. today all right I need to see it I I um. I played it earlier is it good yeah it's. good it was like I I expected like Early. Access game so you expect garbage. garbage I I launched it and not not even. a glitch oh wow that's crazy for an. early access that's insane. usually Early Access is like pretty alha. yeah which I needed a new game actually. cuz I don't play Arc anymore I just. watch YouTube videos of it cuz I'm like. these guys are insane and I'm just. trash I think Tex Tex also plays a lot.

Of Arc such a good game he was telling. me Hees he even like game hey yo hat you. going to Play It Again on stream I think. D what's going to happen is I'm going to. go to this dinner uh tonight and then. another and then after the dinner. I'm going to run home and I'm probably. just going to go live with uh everybody. who wants to stream on that game mhm you. know what I mean I am not going to sleep. tonight yes sirve I fixed this. desk up you know you guys want to see it. I can launch it for like two seconds if. you guys want to see it I going get so. many en drinks energy drinks I'm ready. to have a game it's been a. minute I have like 20 20 monsters so I'm. now that you stand up you can't y your. chair anymore you mean sniff it sniff. it you can do something worse now I I. don't think this game is for bonus bu.

Bro just wait it pops a th nice. 2x as he just going to randomly like. Drop beneath the camera line under the. what the forx. like why are the way so. bad I was um I was. P it was good it was very good actually. yeah other than I you know your your. ular in your throat the dangly thing. yeah yeah bro I drank that much alcohol. last Thursday that it it it it. and it was like five times the size what. the cuz I have a choking on it y cuz I. have a big tongue it was just constantly. touching my tongue for like 5 days yeah. that's why I quit drinking dude that was. horrible that is the worst pain I've. ever experienced in my life today W wor. stream with Sam no no no I think he. streams on Saturdays guys Saturday so. tomorrow it's called an infection bro. look how do you even get like how bro I. okay Chad this is [ __ ] compared.

To like the the the thing it was crazy. uh can you turn the slot down a little. bit hard to hear had you don't want to. hear anyway I got you I got you sorry. Chad the sounds are not the what I'm. used. to change the slot what the slot pays. base game but not in not in the bonus. but yeah if you ever damage oh wait. double Wilds Queens. oh oh I told you it's not 1,000 x it's. 500 x I told you what that's not bad. boom no the multis have to multiply each. other then boom boom change the slot my. man said that's point it's a way but so. of course it m each. other what the wa this might not be. finished no no you know what it's like. when you get a big win early it's. imagine you have like two next to each. other crazy ways or three oh my God holy. yeah we sucks when it drops some is. going to be up top you need them like at.

The beginning like a ver okay now now. that's. ,000 and into Jax look at the way he's. 30,000 ways Chad we don't hit anything. wow imagine we had Wilds above those. kings chat or below them. even me I'm good good. game there you go that's I take it back. to Lo P yeah it's like my brother said. it's kind of like wanted you either get. like a huge win or nothing nothing yeah. I'm getting I'm live it's cool though I. mean it's a fun fun slot to play now you. could you look too excited after that. win what are you doing with your hands. back there finger in my ass what what. the Bro Look at that. sced $30,000 chat enjoy your points man. all right guys before we continue with. today's video I wanted to let you guys. know that I do have a promo code on. gamdom and you guys can support me or. support the channel the way to do it is.

You log in after creating an account you. have six hours to click on rewards once. you click on rewards you can click. activate special offers there's a 15%. rakeback for the first 7 days which is. pretty huge plus a up to 35% daily. surprise so you can click over activate. now use the promo code wgtv or watch. games TV and by doing that you also get. access to my free spins on Discord and I. will be giving away a bunch of free. spins almost every day so if you guys. are under my code I I want to say thank. you so appreciate it guys and yeah all. right chat we'll do a race trat yeah oh. St. small triple wild base game on a big bet. we're done GG's we end stream wa to. finish easy CL. especially if they're at the bottom. right cuz then they multiply each. other but wait B Machine does it work. like that then cuz like okay let's say.

You have 1 2 3 4 and then a 4X up top is. that count as four symbols getting. multiplied on the one before or is it. four time 4 plus 4 I think it's. literally just WS it's just ways so what. the just make it look cool yeah so. like every every one that you have on. the real it doubles the amount of. multiplies of course it just made it. look fancy yeah okay so it's just the. visual what is that. he where's the multi a of course okay 10. in the front though would be cool ah. just a bunch of Queens not bad. chat. es. it big hits on the slot yeah the base. game is unreal for spins at least but. hasn't given us a bonus yet chat Wild. just give us a bonus I want to see no I. just want to see a wild M on size like. oh. yeah you know what the problem is bro. when you get to these bets it's just. going to be dead spin constantly no here.

We go. bang what's the point dude that's the. end one more yeah that's the. M oh. my wow it doesn't even like do a bait. thing or anything you got one two three. as well I thought it was bro I literally. clenched my ass so much one more he. clenching so hard he's about to make a. black hole oh bro I'm sad Chad bro all. right stop stop stop okay wait. wait one more down to 45 yeah one more I. love. it you did what uh what wait you did. what with your ass hasy dude I clenched. it hard I literally like I thought we. hit it honestly cuz by so yeah 1 2 three. I thought it was in Imagine bro imagine. I mean it would still need to hit but. yeah would have been good that would. have been 10 mil yeah maybe nothing more. straight than two men clenching their. playing slots mhm exactly it's. not a touching each other like true.

Stopping from DJing no cuz it nearly. paid off bro yeah if we just got in Chad. you you would have a different like yeah. you'd be like best game ever best. streamer ever oh my God can you play. this game tomorrow and then you're going. to go to stream be like can you play. blazing Wilds Mega. Wave Wait have they made this base St. bro I played it already pickle no stream. today boys no pickle what I was thinking. is I have a dinner right pickle I have a. dinner tonight in like uh 5 hours after. the dinner I'm coming straight home and. we all go live play it what do you think. yes. sir right. po I downloaded that it's on Game. Pass for anybody who already has Xbox. game pass you can just download. it dude pickle I played it and it's. polished bro for Early Access it's. good bro do you want to see the. character modification chat it looks.

So. SCU dude oh I forgot to say there's also. guns you'll see the trailer is. hilarious look at this Chad look at this. character try dude look at this. character. they wait bro have they literally buil. built this off Arc yep and. Pokemon yo chat look at this look at. this yeah it bro it is. Arc I know bro that's what it seems like. I I the way I said it I think it's Zelda. Pokemon and Arc combined it the one B. yeah cuz that's the arc customization. yeah yeah it's dude it's like and they. stole Pokemon traits I don't know how. long the game's going to last so play it. while you can. chat how bro's going to get nuked out of. it was actually good though it was very. enjoyable like I caught a few Pokemon I. made them work they were like collecting. eggs and then eating their own. eggs is that ble Senpai. yeah yo good.

Ways I didn't get to the guns part yet I. was kind of just like hitting them with. a bat but there's some cool bosses in sh. and raids you could. do hey actually looks good mhm fortnite. bro they' just taken from my eight. games. yeah so like do you build build as. well or no mhm yeah you have to build. like a base oh right and like I'm in I'm. in I'm in I'll play. it I'm in the tribe Chad we still need. uh we still need a few more Clips here. for for a whole video so let's see if we. can get it that would save me time today. so I don't have to record I can just uh. upload. this bro how many times man I'm du come. on dude what the Chad one 2 three. again so it's it's a common thing that. happens on this. game what is the name of the game. blazing Wilds Mega WS it's literally in. your face well maybe he's talking about.

The uh Power world you think about the. AR. game. okay maybe do some more buys I reckon. this is like a three drop get a hit. drops a scout. maybe you kind of want like the three. scatters at the end maybe and then a hit. in the front. yeah it does seem hard to spin. it it's like what how many spins have we. done chat You' done like 400. oh okay maybe it's a. turbo have you seen the new turbos on. prag no have you have you not noticed no. are they faster yeah that's kind of fast. I guess it's like you know when you get. free spins and it instantly just takes. the symbols away yeah turbo spins now. works like that a it's DJ it's like a. wild gang yeah yeah yeah cuz goes no but. like the symbols don't they just. disappear boom boom boom what the where. what game they try just just load up. Gates the do one it they've changed it.

On all games same as fruit party as well. let me check that chat real quick how. have you not noticed I haven't played. down the is in. 369 to get prein one sec CH I'm going to. test this out I I thought my eyes were. playing games with me now you're going. to be my proof okay let's. see so a turbo like. that yeah and then. watch. okay. oh oh yeah. chat and when when you get multiple hits. instead of individual it just does them. all at the same time ah oh look how much. faster it's it's so much cleaner yeah I. I actually prefer this. chat I'm sorry I should not showed you. this but now we're due for a bonus chat. yeah F balance. fast yeah it also change the mobile UI a. lot oh really yeah yeah like with the. BET size at the. bottom nice. easy free Spin Max win come on man you. can give Zia Max win and Dave but what.

About me pragmatic they get one as well. well they were together they were. together yes I I'll take the credit for. that if I was there I'd like I was I was. there you know to be fair though I think. Dave is one lucky D oh. yeah I'm telling you if you're a. streamer and you have anybody else. partnered with you they print you don't. you got H he prins I've got my brother. he. prins prins I mean z. yeah feel my power did you see the. Turkish Gates of. Olympus they reskin the tur power. apparently they translated in English. now Chad and it's available for the rest. of the world when I played it it was. only available to Turkish people tur. it's available everywhere now I know. that's that's the that was the that's. the part I didn't really crowns crowns. are rings rings and then crowns and then. a th X crowns are in they in chat any.

Zaps. any and again come on this is H again. this is. huge bro this is like 70k boom holy . that's. disg let's go come on. man easy game bro easy game you know. chat take those . points wow actually that's my biggest. win on this game chat I I hate. it but I don't want to take credit. though good call by. accident just check. Gates okay chalice is guaranteed chalice. is never hit on this one what sorry yeah. you know why I said that cuz Jinx you. baited for another near 20K here it's. not bad I'll take that was. 15K wow. with all we did is come here to passest. a turbo game oh let's go that's a w. there that is a w rewards check it out. sign up oh wait we can't say that on. YouTube one second now I got to tell cry. right cry blow that out cry cry be. careful link hady . up we're going back to that Joker game I. agree dude my PC is so fast now.

Finally it's he's good isn't he yeah. he's he's pretty good yeah I had a bit. of an annoyance with the with the. customs and yeah what yeah they. were like asking me like for invoice so. I sent him the invoice you know he wrote. one out and then they're like okay but. can you show us a transaction and I'm. like the invoice is that but I'm like. that's the invoice that's the. whole point of it you know he's like oh. we need to see a transaction of how you. paid or where you paid and I'm like I. paid in crypto here's the E scan yeah. and then they like shipped it I'm like. good luck figuring that out you know. like out of my face the easiest way. to get past Customs to say you won it. yeah. but that's pretty. smart hi YouTube hello YouTube we just. spun this bonus in uh I forgot that I. had uh copyright music playing.

But 69 y okay what is that I didn't know. they can stack on top of each other chat. that's insane this this bonus was meant. to be yeah it was such a false bonus. it's like you're going to have this. bonus yeah. literally K hit and then yeah and then. drop a wild right there and a diamond. okay sure Diamond one wild one three. boom. uh dude pay like 500x now on this bed. size we're. chilling little 100. Bands hi to myself over uh 3 days what. the wait how come okay how come there it. went to 8ex but it only did like four of. them maybe cuz it doubles it each time. oh that's how 20 spins guarante oh yeah. cuz it's two there I see Wild drop here. no yo pickle this game is sick. Bro okay now drop two Wilds drop two. wilds and. money I think you're right about the. premiums being their . blocks oh if it tumbled if it tumbled.

For a bit and then we got another. wild do something come on eight. spins something. big what's with the salute spam bro. okay double Wilds now drop. them you need two Wilds chat for this to. pay I got another five Scout dropping. the other day as well this . pickle guy took over my chat. bro okay wild not even good though now. it's here yeah too we still need to get. that in the front to be. good okay wild ring brother chat wild. wild ring is GG's oh my. God bit ofum there yeah yeah it was a. lot of H oh my just three. Wilds one wild the king uh so ass okay. not bad not bad not bad kind of . chat. but oh I can block it this top we Spa in. five scatter as well yeah wow skill. issue you've not even spun a four. scatter in yet yeah I knowzy. crazy unskilled bro un unskilled un. culture wow that that was Max Mega that.

Was Max Mega W chat the last spin there. was Max Mega W oh my God. bro did you see how small those symbols. are looking that in bonus each Spa uh. the wild expands plus two so max multi. you can get is 14 x. holy six nothing hits okay go. again uh dream about double Wilds they. are impossible to. get what do you mean what what do you. mean by that yeah I got it. too maybe for you dude. unskilled isue buddy. boy relax buddy boy exactly. see can you try Gates one literally just. played it though but we just we actually. just played we literally just won 100K. on it maybe just got. here. L all right let's do some buys I want to. see more I want to see more of this game. chat I'm going to stick to lower bet. size and then we're just going to try to. YOLO it 4K buys and see if we can get. something. crazy is there a clip um I can show you.

The clip after this it's pretty cool. actually I'll show it to you now it. this is what we hit earlier it it was. magical actually and it was it was like. one and three imagine one and two yeah I. mean it doesn't matter he where it. is I guess yeah you get more symbols to. hit in the front yeah cuz look that was. only with like one symbol that you did. look there it is with Queens by the way. you could have hit Aces Jacks all them. Jesus just all of them. yeah Queens boys if it hit all that. would have been my. diamonds. brother oh yeah I think this is going to. be a good one good starting Mega. wage of course when I hit it's. 2 what's new in the pragmatic. hemisphere dude. no oh my God I missed it but I'm glad I. did cuz that would have. rage imagine that diamonds yeah that. would have been uh probably Max WI wild.

Wild much. either ah okay okay double Wilds now. it's. clear wild I know but you know what I. meant like diamond there and two Wilds. here. yeah even you need multis otherwise they. don't pay that. much I mean yeah you need a lot of way. use that's what it is cuz that multi. doesn't actually multiply it's just it. counts as the symbol plus two so like. this already counts as a multi on Mega. WS this is 2X. what gave the juice it's like 1 * 2 *. two is what that one would be Gates gave. the juice. yeah Jack's hit a is here and then maybe. double Wild's here maybe double Wilds. here maybe double Wilds here the. Sev I know he was going to say that or. the 10 damage control for sure a lot of. damage very little control chat. come. on it never double Wilds X okay dude I. just showed you a double Wilding. show him. again it's going to be like this I think.

We're going to get a lot of ship buys. and then we're going to get a th. X not bad a lot of ways for Jax as well. that's three grand not bad into 10. hitting for. nothing not how bad chat halfway. actually more than halfway to. points 8 x bro Aces missed on. opportunity. there 1 two 3 4 yeah dude it's it's one. two three it's whatever the reals times. two up top that's insane. actually and what's what's the real with. the most is it seven per one yeah so. it's 14x is the highest yeah that guy. wasn't. tapping okay now wild wild wild brother. wild king king in the front King in the. front Okay now. wild bro those diamonds were stacking up. what's the pay difference from Diamond. 10 probably a lot 30 to four diam. wow wow. if we get Max megaways on this game I. think it's a good game you know what I. mean it's. GG's that's points though chat honestly.

That is points kind of pity points for. you guys but it is what it is just take. them just take them take them take them. and say nothing take all right let's go. again I want to get like two more. scatters so I can say like I got Max. scatters on this game you know the fum. nail yeah yeah yeah I'm surprised you. haven't bought any with five yet got. like a few oh I spun it in right so that. was probably the one that if I bought it. would have. hit you'll get more you'll get more F. think I didn't see. it eaten away a little bit you know what. eats it away mental gamble spins bonus. bu bro I'll show you I'll show. you CH I'm going to show him the the. mental cage the mental cage I told. pickle to do them doesn't he get a. 56,000 x yeah guy dude so. lucky. crazy would you count this slot as a. Boer. slot yeah I mean look eventually they.

All got a shower you know what I mean. chat when that happens yo that . sucks for. Jack when that happens this comes off. and then who. knows such a like one spin game like you. get one good. spin I think there's no active raffle. where uh where is the policeman oh I. don't know where he's at he might have. taken the day off you know. e dude do something man okay double. Wilds here with the Kings maybe it's. something okay let me show you this. menle thing we we'll come back chat. we'll come. back all right well guys we're going. back I typed it like 12 times shake my. head I'm sorry guys it's hard to see. from this. far well you obviously didn't type it. Bal enough did you yeah exactly you. should have done bold crazy all. right oh one off of Max 1 2 3 4. 5 okay let's. see. here we. go okay chat the only way to win on this.

Game is you need at least two Wilds they. have to be at the bottom it has to be. good ways and decent symbols in the. front it's the only way that's what we. figured. out. let going be good luck what's up. bro how are you. Miller hi B how are you I'm doing good. I'm doing. good we go back to Gates and send some. spins after. this why not four Wilds all at the. bottom because that's just unreasonably. asking for too much you know what I mean. believe unders had two Wilds 14 and a. 10x with kings and queens and you got. Max win what the okay that's why we. don't get them that often. bro that's that's why that's. crazy not bad though take. that the replay is in spin chat okay. I'll have to check it. out we'll watch it after this I'm. curious actually you want to drink uh I. have like tea in the fridge to put in. here it's like I don't know it's like.

Cold yeah I don't know it's like unplay. you'll see it on the. door. I'll watch the replay after. this always check me shck megaways the. first re I mean that that doesn't really. matter too. much you just really need these WS to. show up Bing a card game will pay. absolutely not all right. let me go check this replay guys give me. one sec all right chat here we go. this is how we're supposed to play the. game 20 cents Euros under Europe up. like that holy . bro yo yo yo what's up Hughes look at. this win. Hughes. bingo card game will pay 100K but you. have to pay. 150k. okay oh he pulled the I know I have the. same like wait let me. see yeah you slide the. top uh no joke power world this. game game is so fun I'm telling you bro. that's why I'm going to my dinner coming. home right after and playing that all. night I wish I set up my girls.

PC cuz we can play together. but are you still streaming for a while. uh I'm going to stream for a little bit. longer okay who's watch this watch this. watch. this now if this was 20 spins bait it. would be hilarious I don't think unders. would do that because that would take. away all his points. I think it's. here thanks. bro where the is it. at imagine how. fish H. yeah is it even there bro Chad I will. take away his points I'm not even. kidding you'd be so mad right now you'd. be like oh. n win this is so bad wow this game don't. pay okay here we go here we go here we. go 12. 10. Max okay barely Max. wait. wait still not Max wi it's not even Max. win you liar yeah it's not bro you. didn't even get Max win you're off by. like $3 dumb ass points are gone. 9,99 dude this guy he was. bragging about a Max win it's not even a.

Max win bro 9,997 X bro like chill can. you count that's a good win bro congrats. actually that's insane yeah congrats bro. but you only need two take his points it. wasn't the max take away three points. nah it's okay. Chad I got time to go to the gym and. stuff yeah uh probably. not oh run this bro look at our balance. we're down to 40 again. running all right go after don't. worry like how come I don't get wins. like unders you. know yeah why the hell is the B so no. points it wasn't my win. f. ma my Wilds go up top his wilds go at. the bottom but the good news is when I. was just chilling here waiting I spun. into some big bonuses and take. money oh. nice skill issue maybe okay 6X not. bad a but then Aces Bro Look at that. like. okay Aces now with the 8ex into. watch this chat nothing . nothing. all those tumbles not one wild not One.

Premium to hit in the front by the way. all those like no seven no double rings. I don't we had a connection Diamond I. did I did but it was like three of them. yeah might have been base game as well. they get like a blue a purpley glow. around it when it hits you're going to. watch UFC tomorrow that thing moves uh. probably not it's going to be too late. bro oh yeah yeah. okay it was a watch this chat see you. guys later yo thank you for hanging out. Andy by the way chat by the way chat do. you guys have the links for. it Shameless. plug where did I put. it oh. here Shameless plug go vote. go do it one two and. three all right you winning. um I'm doing all right but this cobri. guy is destroying me who I don't. know cobri go there click the heart chat. the hell is cob I don't know but on the. categories I'm winning I think unless.

Someone pass me like this one oh. wow yeah this one that's crazy this one. would probably click a like boom and. then the last one Chad I pinned it as. well go vote and then the last one we're. doing pretty good here as well jeez yeah. so just leave a. like what vot it already bro . vote again then dumbass kidding thank. you thank you. guys voted for everyone accept you okay. you deserve a a timeout for one minute. you just think about what you just said. right there. you know. remember. de stream you win 10K oh they did. something like that yeah yeah Max sugar. I didn't win. how does that make any. sense well you tell me so many Max stars. or something like that yeah or might. have might might have raw or something. no they didn't no. way it was only. stram that's weird I didn't even know. they were doing that to be honest I.

Don't pay attention to like that to. be honest just like it I just get a. message. ony oh just message me. anymore after I told her chicken drop. was. for some reason I feel tired today. listen bro you want to feel. better I'll wake you up. bro pink around guys exclamation point. join wake the up chat wake up buddy. boys and. girls I voted again thanks guys again. kidding all right not bad not. bad is it or are we doing not a race. chat and it's time to bonus mhm maybe. all right watch this chat I can't one. one spit one scatter off from $100,000. bonus on this game which is super. volatile imagine a th000 X on that it's. a. mil. bro that would have been great that. would have been the comeback I need. honestly just a. yeah yeah n the 50 I want to [ __ ]. that dude no no I need a 500x on a. $1,000 bet to feel. okay to feel okay yeah to feel okay.

Because at the end of the month I got to. pay out like 110 Grand worth of. leaderboards and. then the Calendar's still going yo. Popeye Glock with have gifted I. appreciate it. brother that help. calendar right. there CH just give us a big base game. Hit. or a bon a bonus or give us a bonus with. 20 spins like unders where we get almost. the max win yeah we don't want a Max but. like 9,000 x is cool look if we get in. right now on this bedside right all they. need to do is pay like a like 1,000x or. 2,000x and they're going to be number. one. again that's it cuz at the moment you. know no no limit it's still number. one oh bro what the man you thought. you got it with the ring I did oh Bro. Look at that three grand for nothing bro. and then the wild doesn't expand are you. kidding me. bro I paid though actually let's do a.

Few. more that's the second time chat that's. the third time. time I see diamond. yeah get us. in should I go down to 30 Chad what do. you think should I go. it I mean it's five spins. though no nah yes yes no chill blackjack. hit on this next spin then yeah okay if. we hit we. go imagine imagine the scenes let's be. honest here he already made up his mind. when he raised the B yeah I know I I was. just asking to to get some reassurance. of course nothing connects chat five. dead spins. bro what a game yeah Dam down. 100K yeah but we could just go back to. Gates and get it back you know what I. C you know what actually chat watch this. we're going to go to the xmus D who Xmen. D ho ho I love this game. ho I bought so much Vape products and. stuff like cuz I thought I was just. going to keep vaping and uh okay dude we.

Go back to Gates it's the only only . bro lift that box I think under where. the hats are and look at how many Vapes. and how many juices I got and. I'm not even going to smoke any of. them oh my good what's that prag call. that y were just on I just got them I I. ordered them oh I was going to say uh. blazing Wilds or something okay okay if. you want some juices you can take some. cuz I I'm not going to smoke them Jesus. Christ he going in oh we're in we're in. O Come on boys sry I'm not looking The. Comeback all right don't look don't. look let me see a th000 bro imagine bro. chat imagine imagine bro imagine it. drops. it okay one more zap maybe it's not the. best start. man me to no it's not the best. start yeah but on the last. one true okay at least we're getting a. 3X instead of two. 6K bro that was a disgusting.

Tumbo that was crazy. bro and it's all gone it's all. gone it's all going straight back. to to be fair though at least we got to. see the new. slot. yeah. okay one. one. come on do something crazy yeah I mean I. don't think we're going to get it here. chat sadly Z. oh but then no hits hello. is dead is dead go next unless Blues. element ow elemental power okay not bad. though not bad a little juice CTI. vict what happened to normal Gates why. 1,000x because this one pays more and it. has the same Max win rate what the . is the point of playing the regular one. wait do it yep it's one in 690,000. yeah how's that not yellows into bro. Rings into yellows maybe should have. been better I think would had more room. okay I like the new turbo spins on this. game why didn't a zap there three grand. tumble it makes it so much better.

Spinning it yeah cuz like I liked. spinning it but it just took forever. oh is the same thing with uh like Moon. Princess like I I stop playing it cuz it. it was so slow but now apparently they. updated it oh my God 888 was that it or. I didn't see the one multi on the bottom. right. 886 chat it goes by so quick now man. it's. crazy wait I said it last time oh no the. balance is. going. bonus elemental. power come on man. Elemental please oh one off. come on Gates don't be a. okay okay two more scatters oh. come on zaps no no hits I think you need. one zap right and then a bunch of hits. oh bro did you see how they lined up. what one zap a bunch of hits and then he. zaps again later that's the best way. yeah no Chad I think we're going to rip. bro. still good content though I feel. like. unless H come on we need a juice I'm.

Thinking Chad I'm thinking yeah I mean. it could save us chat it could save us. chat money man holl says Marco lasso no. no no Marco let me show you let me show. you let me show you a trick here okay. chat don't salute yet we still haven't. lost. dude 567. x 56k we got about 70 spins. here okay the double 69 is. crazy we get 56k back if we hit this and. then we're back. chat I wish you could move where the. percentage was oh like just everything. yeah that would be cool like you have a. second one of one of these things yeah. and you move it like wherever you want. but that would give you too much control. I think you'd like go. crazy no cuz we just keep it at 69 bro. come on now true 69 69. 69 yeah it was fun while last it guys. don't give up yet bro I still have five. 50 spins 52 spins to be exact to get. 56k. the other option I could do.

Is is a little bit harder to do but you. get like 99.98 on gom's uh uh dice no. Lions yeah I think Lions could do it it. pays like on $10. four what are the odds here um. maybe like one. 600 maybe a little bit higher than. that got a twisted Sal balance almost. yeah what you I thought it. was what did I say chat and we're back. don't doubt me for one second dude let's. go let's go L points Gates we're back. bro we reloaded with. lines. why off and we're come. on oh come on. dude elemental power charging that that. my. power charging why did they say charging. like it's a Tesla or something oh yo yo. y not bad not bad we take. itga you know what I haven't gotten. Zapped on this game is like a red multi. base game one off yes one off a . 20K hit chat we have one more scatter 20. grand going into the bonus what are the.

Odds. man this C this pays I saw 2x I already. lost I already lost just playing. 150x like nothing crazy CRA but like. it's a builder you know mhm come on. baby. okay with a 5x we're going to build a. great bonus a huge. bonus. bonus charging honestly this multi looks. like the biggest multi I've ever seen. dude if I plugged in my Tesla and it. said f the power like what the. did you turn them off. no we just leaned in okay I did Lean in. we're locking the in. baby okay you said 150x is this the spin. surely right yeah yeah it has to be. chat what bro it was the SP what the. holy [ __ ] come on. multi there four spins is this Max. yo oh my God what is that CH wow wow. that was . exciting you were just saying about you. never have the 100 x bro but why does. that happen every time dude I should. have said I never had the Thousand EGS.

No no no we don't we not you still got. four spins we have four spins please. rrick bro come on come on bro drop more. come on come on Chad. please tumble and retri don't be a . he zaps hit are yellows why are you. taking it's fine it's another 15K bro. it's not bad but we only. have back we're back premium oh you was. down to 3K. oh holy that we take that bro and. we're back in usally that's Max holy. not bad oh my god wow like chat to. be fair like I'm not down right because. I had such a good month last month. but I don't want to lose the last. month's progress you know what I mean. it's like one of those like want to. build on it you know yeah you I want to. build on it and just keep building you. know but like gam them's not letting me. bro like they just keep taking my money. not bad though itby what base bet was.

That bonus on 200 yeah dude the maximum. is $3 million yeah insane that would. have if you Max win there that would. have been your biggest win ever right it. probably would have been my biggest win. period ever never going to happen again. primatic number one you know what I mean. at that point you literally like like. bro was on 4 Zapped wait wait wait wait. wa wait and then Rings Rings yo Z again. Z again yo. Max bro this is not. 70k another 100K that's like 100 108. let's go Jesus Christ what's going on. with Gates come on what's going on with. Gates the ra strats chat I mean do you. Max bet down to 200k yeah do we or do. you like do we no no we do we do cuz. look at that hit that's a sign that's a. sign zap again why not why the not. buddy zap please raise your arms Zip. Zap oh yeah that would be funny that.

Would be dude I think I would get fired. I think. why am I how do I feel like this is. going to B chat I feel like we're going. to get a big win. today we're do you know what oh. Rings into two scatters into yeah no. nothing oh dude if we bonus now that. size oh wait it was a quick. good how many chat how many times we've. done a big bet today chat how many times. have we done a big bet today on. different prags and we've gone the. oneoff baits dude like let us just get. this bro you're hot right now wait can I. also just say you to the guy that. was kicked by in the the balance at 4K. that's cuz they don't believe these guys. bro they don't believe honestly suck. your mom honestly what the yeah I can't. believe you just said that I said a. little violent I said it with. chest bro how is it not tumbling also. cuz you just won 200k on it no crowns.

Crowns into. th000 that would be a Max crowned into a. th000 what it. yeah 10K times 1,000 10 mil no it' still. be off by 5 mil by 5 mil oh . sorry all right. yes all right all right chat [ __ ]. come on man this is insane all right. this is a video now chat we've cooked. this whole thing will be one highlighted. video good luck mil you'd lose your job. I would lose my job but I think I would. retire CH like probably just BR me 10%. I'm good chat listen like I'm no joke. guys if we Max win this right now I. probably will get fired and and the. thing is the good news is though I. wouldn't really care at that point and. also we still have the w rewards team. you know chat so like let it do it bro. them it's been a good time but like just. fire me already dude give me this Max. and fire me dude come. on come on oh God imagine he's ATS hate.

They probably hate me whenever I come on. you just win true true it's cuz we do. dumb like that that's what it is. bro it's cuz usually what I'm doing I'm. just like doing like retr buys and like. whatever we play my Bandit for8. hours what did I tell you about Gates. watching games to be true fake but I. mean listen bro I'm just so bored of. this game cuz it never pays and like. today the only day it's paid for me. actually if this. pays he's genuinely shaking CH a little. bit but I've just this cuz it's cooking. yeah yeah that's why if it was if I got. into a regular I wouldn't care okay come. on man chat let it let it do it you know. let's let's hope let's hope all right. you've got like a nice monthly wage. there already yeah come on come on just. zap 5x M don't show it 2x don't show it. don't be a greens oh [ __ ].

Okay okay good it's not a 2X Chad this. could actually pay now and it's tumbling. and it zaps 1,000x right now and I start. freaking out and I call my girl here my. mom my dad I fly them out right. away you missing somebody there . what's up hu uh hu listen bro you have. to stream bro I can't you got to you. know oh zap come on you know who doesn't. have to stream zap. zap oh come on you won't be. streaming after Max this game right now. yeah oh one off crowns did you see that. but we didn't. hit okay good screen come on come on. tumble please bro again buddy CR Crown. Crown all right okay it's not bad 20K. yeah yeah it's just money back though. money back from from the spins bro this. is worth 100 R nice and then zap please. cuz I just zapper oh man it's going to. give us just spin back chat it's not let. him drop the 100 x now bro you know what.

Th000 x you. mean and that. well bro it literally just solid yeah. we're just going to get our money back. chat for the spins we did bro we got all. excited for wait hold it hold it. yellows. Crown bad not bad though not bad okay. that's profit that's profit chat you. know what just cuz of that I'll give you. guys points anyways cuz that was cool. anyways you know we rarely see a 100K. bonus on my stream cuz we never do dumb. like this but I've never SPO one in. imagine it double drops maybe it felt so. bad is going to give us another bonus. quick one We're. Dreaming I mean you was dreaming of 100. x Z when it did it true I'm dreaming of. another bonus honestly like I lowkey. want to see me too Char. Charing. oh man I just want to punch my. desk desk or. something okay at least give us a zap. again like okay give us a bonus I take.

It back. please please bro so much room. watch. no how did purpl not hit there by the. way Chad that's up because. there's not enough. okay oh and then look at this . dumbass drops two scatters next. spin so. sad it's just dead un let. no okay come on zap please save us a. little bit bro give me 1,000 x it's like. it's. good okay pce for three spins. no B pleas yeah yes yes let's go. dude down to the same there's no way he. pays another 30k right Chad this one has. to be better bro to squirt let it squirt. come on literally back down to the same. balance my neck is pulsating because of. these my dick is what. the hey yoy. he I'm get a nice little vacation you. know. what force a nice little vacation on. him. you know what this is how you summon the. THX multi you click right here wait can. I I've never clicked 100K bonus enjoy.

Enjoy enjoy oh I'm scared enjoy. are you sure yes bro if it. doesn't pay though it's it's not your. fault it's not your fault okay we'll. blame someone in chat uh blame blame. okay come. on power oh that would have been good. okay good good good good good good now. zap good a sorry I'm sorry you dude. yeah literally bro wait I did. this but like see where it put that that. would have been yellows for sure for. sure again y okay wait Chad this. actually could be like really how is it. not hit Blu that was a good Blues. ring well an 8K win on my stream is like. 200x come. on oh don't dead spin now bro we have a. good. multi bro I actually hate this game dude. like what are you doing you're zapping. every time I can't get up. wait can I get wait that's the. point I guess we got the multi we have a. m next for what though chat one big wait.

Go. go go. Chad come on I'm back bro I'm back Chad. oh my god dude you guys don't understand. the last month has been so . dude. bro man dude I'm back bro oh bro. it's not finished. yet man that's so clean that is so. clean like C like dude I'm going to show. you okay look look I'm going to you know. like how much I usually hold in my he's. like this how you look at this he's like. this look look look look look you know. how much much I usually hold in my in my. sh right okay look at this bro look at. my tether what I'm down. to bro yeah it's bad it's you don't even. want it's been bro you do not come. on wait wait wait yellow y why is the. yellow though but it's still money take. it though still good chat it's. 50 come on one more one more for the. road y yep blue. maybe no. way good so good chat bro that's. points dud if I've ever seen it.

Chat that's point what a dude. and I got a tear in my eye dude chat. chat where you at bro where you at with. the salutes huh where you at chat with. the salutes earlier Bro. you've literally 100x the what what you. were down to yeah if you were down to 4K. at. 4.8 come on all right guys I hope you. guys enjoyed this video I put up a 5k. giveaway on W rewards if you guys want. to go enter for that you're more than. welcome to for those of you that missed. the stream come check us out as well as. go check out hadzi as well he streams on. Kick as well h a d d z y ladies and. gentlemen was an insane it was F insane. session it was fun bro that was a roller. coaster. literally literally a roller got. the blood pumping at one point like drop. a like on the video as well that is. definitely worth a like yeah you guys.

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