30.04.2024 Top 5 Big Wins on Crazy Time Games 2023

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Get ready so yeah this is uh 100 over. seven on the blue here going. on and three two one good. luck yeah apparently uh 43 to Wi so 5K. there for danger uh and yeah till next. time the. actual garlic is going on I'm going to. faint everyone 3x lowest so 5 7 10 20 25. 40 okay we can we can do. this okay. 600x good. luck. everything's so pretty no please back to. the 600 come on come on now come. on. 600 it we did. it. congratulations to the winners look at. this fancy. wheel wow seriously this is so amazing. seriously I'm so excited guys seriously. super cool let's see maybe 5K. I and we have a green with the 5,000 7. 750 750. yellow. we're back number eight 5x multier on. the new Red Door. rouette uh yeah I just got one CLI I had. little balance tring out the game hit. one multiplier boom went up to the moon. on the race cuz it was the last bet and.

Then we hit our D and then boom we got. the feature and then boom balance went. up and now boom we're back with a 5x. freaking multi holy moly let's see what. this pays 100 straight up on it it's. like having a 500 crazy. time what I hit the double double double. double holy. moly holy. let's [ __ ] go. crazy T nice I'm telling you man Matt. what color do you normally go for on. this uh green green no what because. watch now the one time I don't go Blue. it's going to pop off. oh oh my God I hit a double yeah exactly. exactly it's green so what what's he. going to do hit another double some. chance yeah double. double okay we can still Focus again if. it h double again if it hit double. again oh my God oh my God what sorcery. is this nobody can Sil be. oh my God oh my God what's going on. what's going on I'm so scared keep going.

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