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Oh look at this one this that's me and. you. I better raise it 1200.. so if you realize then you build the pot. so big and then you're gonna get bluffed. out in a big pot oh boy Vanessa's got. pocket rockets uh I'd say it's the. perfect time to listen to Tony and. reraise just call me. I bet 2 000. yeah. that's fair you know I thought I think. it's better Betty in the dark Tony bets. in the dark and flops two pair. a dark race that's hard and commitment. to the game om Tony G Karma has left the. building I think we're about to see two. people committed to this pot Vanessa. raises to 5 000. I want to raise it. again. Tony reraises to 20 grand. you can get it all in. 20g sounding very confident. you ready. Tony G is capable of this song and dance. whether he's strong or bluffing Vanessa. is going to have a hard time getting.

Away from this one. you ready if you win the hand you keep. me quiet. don't believe you that bluff I'll call. that bluff I'll call Tony just added. unspeakable Equity to this pot Vanessa. calls. Tony's bombed the Flop which may make. Vanessa think he's on a draw and Ace on. the turn Russo has top set hello nasty. as Tony G would say Ace from space and. Vanessa has gone from Zero to Hero Tony. G does have a flush draw ten thousand. and Bets ten thousand. you can shut me right up. oh what about taking being being all in. on winning the puck punch in the face. just push a button that Ace dramatically. improves Vanessa's hand but if she put. Tony on Spades he just got there she. just calls on spadewatch. I checked Tony checks in the dark. the river a sick card the five of Hearts. now you've got to show some some guts.

Can you bet this or you're gonna make a. really weak check now on the end. going on there so you can do it for. Vanessa best card ever Full House over. Full House. very nice that's the best very nice you. got screwed I go to a Full House soon in. WoW. that's it that's shutting me up. well done Vanessa had a lucky obviously. I'm gonna call. okay yes great idea Sarah love it love. you I mean I love it. just live with ace deuce Me and Mrs. Finland right now heads up. I believe it's Miz Miss I'm sorry all. right let's let's see a flop so there's. no Mr Finland okay. four on the Flop Ronnie has bottom pair. hi. Ronnie if you bust her on the first hand. he bets. thirty thousand and Sarah raises with a. straight draw. you have something yes I do I believe. you. thirty thousand yeah. it's the way all my relationships start. with lies.

So Ronnie has called the race. and improves to trips on the turn. oh boy. why are you checking. You Raised Me On The Flop. um. that's just over half the pot. Ronnie do not bust her before the. swimsuit portion. Roni's clock is running remember every. player has 30 seconds per decision if he. thinks she's bluffing he'll call if not. he could raise. the shot yeah I forgot that. raise 155.. 150. really should not be calling this. 255. she reraises what. really huh 255. 000. yes. Ronnie Coles which means we're going to. the river and that means the cage is. coming into play hey what was her. special talent in the Miss Finland. contest was it punting poker chips. board bricks out for Sarah she has just. ace high he sees a little better looking. than you we're kind of rooting for her. so yeah I know. check. he's bluffed every street so far.

Then and she shops but then please uh. she slides out the bluff card. oh my God. I know I am. 10 seconds Ronnie wow like that. he's playing a Time Bank Chip he gets an. extra 30 seconds there's a reason why. it's the finished reputation right I. have a four he shows are his hand. you have 5'4 or something sex sick Bluff. kid I don't think you'd just raise a. queen. I don't have a good kick I can show both. guys all right absolutely. slight flutter from Sarah but what does. it mean OMG. Ronnie must think she has it he's. considering folding this monster and if. he does he's going in the cage. he's requested more time you know I have. trips I don't know if I can fall this. hand I don't know how you play I've. never played with you before what is. going on here if I fold his hand and. they see this fold and you have like.

King queen or something it's gonna be. the most embarrassing thing ever for me. you understand this right okay I don't. have any time to think over his hand I'm. like nervous I don't know what's going. on. it's nice over there 300 500. oh my God that's 600. five seconds. and Ronnie's folded. holy schnikes. it's a bluff show. s. you're going to the cage. is this real life. did this happen to me Jack seven of. diamonds. Vanessa may be steaming a bit after that. last hand looks like she's getting right. back on the horse raises the 1300 as. fondiari quickly out Spirit rockets for. prologue Friedman by the way when I. start calling prala parley in front of. you guys it's because I've been doing it. for five years. he parlayed 50 bucks in a 50 000 one. weekend and then that 50 000 is now what. I don't know 40 million or something but.

I was like what's it like the 7.2. million I would not know got everyone. 7.2 right it's more than 7.2. the lot's very likely to be adding to. that 7.2 now Vanessa's starting to look. a little defiant two of the greatest. Pokemon I know I like watching this. stuff. spirit and Vanessa battles Antonio may. be driving the action a bit with his. mouth. Vanessa knows her own reputation so she. knows prologue could be three betting. her light thinking she's raising light. which she is and if that's the case she. could get into some real trouble here. four bet to 13 200 with the Jack high so. typically a Vanessa selps four bet is. going to start to get some credibility. which means if prolad thinks she's got. some kind of hand he'll easily put in a. fifth bet. another thing to consider if prologue. wants to continue to have Vanessa think.

He's bluffing he's more likely to raise. again than he is to just call. it is five bets to thirty five thousand. all right well this looks like a pretty. easy fold for Vanessa. but she hasn't dumped her cards yet Joe. what in the world could she be thinking. about here well she might be a little. steamy from that last hand still and is. probably leveling herself with thoughts. of prolatas just messing with her. now it looks like she wants to see how. many chips per lot has left. if she levels herself into thinking. perlaud is messing with her this is. going to be a disaster. you should be folding any second now. she puts in six Bets with Jack High the. boy 106. 106 thousand two hundred. dollars is now the bet this is an. absolute punt let's count the hang time. I'm all in. of course. she is Ace King or Kings nope I have.

Nothing. uh. twice. whatever you want. let's do three times sure. his life cards oh boy how much do you. have. uh. he's got you covered I think. so they're gonna run it three times. almost away couldn't do it. how many times you guys say you're. running three times. I'm gonna leave if I don't I think I. speak for Vanessa when I say. even worse some of Vanessa's outs have. been folded so she's a bigger dog than. she thinks first the three runs coming. up winner will get a third of the pot. King four five that's not good she'll. need Runner Runner. six of them should be would that be the. best card six of diamonds would give her. straight and flush draws. good to the turn. nine of Hearts all right put a. Deuce of Clubs Oasis of clubs is good I. think prologue knows the time for. speeches is over River ten of hearts and. Perla is locked up a third of the pot.

Worth over 113k I'm such a. how do I do this to myself. every time. not every time I usually don't do this. to myself anymore. what are you laughing at I'm not. laughing I'm just you know pretty sure. he was laughing here comes the second of. three runs eight King five two diamonds. flush drop for Vanessa 30 a diamond over. there there it is that's a spirit show. the other diamonds all sort of diamonds. would definitely be more useful here. than it was the last one. NASA only needs one more Diamond turn. five of Hearts wow bralette is strong. how did he Dodge it there. missing the flush draw would be. devastating she's not likely to flop. this good again. to the river. no diamond three of clubs what a brick. ball. Super Brick bricktastic so prolate is. twothirds of the way to scooping the. biggest pot ever won on the big game.

What an absolute gift from Vanessa no Jackson sevens run number three four six King three more bricks this is getting hard to watch not even a sweat Vanessa's dad did two pair trips or a straight all of them Runner Runner or else prologue's gonna need a wheelbarrow to bring all his money home to the turn Deuce of Spades here and for Lots gonna win a pot worth over 340 thousand dollars I'll probably did it that's sick I don't win one of them action folds around to Doyle Brunson suited connectors raises to 2800 Doyle all of a sudden coming to life maybe trying to get a little hot streak going feel locked folds haven't heard much from Tony G so far not cool makes the call Tony G's had good luck with that hand in this game on Monday night he flopped tripped Jackson raked in almost 200 000.

Ace nine off suit for the newly reformed. Phil Hellmuth. Phil thinking about making a move here. I race the pot. a raised to 12 600. the Loose Cannon. pair of cowboys if there's ever a time. to reraise this is it 12-6 yep cool. but just a call. we have some Cannon action over here. Ernest just called 12 000 cold should be. sending smoke signals into the sky. oh started something he may be trying to. set a trap by just calling but by not. reraising Ernest giving Doyle and Tony. both better odds to call behind him. well you can see Doyle's stack just 50. Grand right now he's looking at 20. percent of his stack to call. I know Tony's gonna call it so I might. as well too yeah. I love these big pots. it's a very loose call from Doyle Tony. calls wow what a sick hand this is. four ways anyway next spot so it's like. a funeral for me it's the danger of.

Smooth calling with Kings Ernest has let three other players into this pot the Flop 9 10 9 trip nines for Hellmuth Phil has flopped the Hellmuth out of it our Loose Cannon Ernest is in big trouble if he can't get away from this and honestly Chris I don't see how he'll be able to Tony G is checked on over to Phil Hellmuth that flap looks like you doesn't it no Phil I look like me Ernest very confident seventeen thousand Bill bet 17 000. does it look like me why you bet so much Ernest is actually asking the right question but isn't looking for an answer wow all I can see are those two kings thirty six thousand I love you Ernest I'll try it again well I just came Doyle Falls Tony G's out wow this is almost certainly disaster for our Loose Cannon 200 000.

What are you gonna do if I'm moving. you're gonna call Phil of course I had. no choice but my brother. you got Aces or Kings or something or. what my aces of King's mind I'll be the. man right now wouldn't I. well boy I don't think I have a choice. here. this is so sick. all right I guess I'm all in oh cool. Kings. I got three nines you're gonna be. kidding me. okay what were you slow rolling them for. maybe a 10 spawn I mean he just he was. so happy that was so nice. hold on how many times you want to deal. it oh hey thanks for asking me three. times yeah huh three times yeah one or. three. where's mine. straddled and everything that was. perfect you made it so much before the. Flop with Ace nine our Loose Cannon has. one foot out the door. you want to deal it four times. when you ask them you're going to call. if I go all in and he said yes what.

Percent of you didn't believe that he was given the Straight Dope there with that little bit left wasn't it slow that's one of the worst slow rolls I've seen no when you know he's going to call because he says it you know lock why don't you why don't you just stay out of her why don't you stay out of it because I'm right here you've been so far out of line to me and every time we've played and I'm just sick of it so why don't you just 12 600 but he's right it was a pretty successful I'm sorry because I haven't done anything like that in my whole life were you folding I can't get away from this the whole speech the guy's already in he's already got eighty percent well you're the he had 50 000 more did he have fifty thousand more you want to I'll bet he had at least 40 000. 26 000.

I bet he had 40 more before you count. and look 74 75 difference 300. I don't. ever have that beat you want to deal it. four times or what. four times yeah it gives you a better. chance to win yeah sure do cool run him. out baby all right four times. four times need two kings wow. so we'll see the Turning River four. times with each pot worth a shade under. 50 Grand. run number one. a Jack of Hearts. the river and Ace of Diamonds round one. goes to hell music Phil Hellmuth is. filled up and made a full house he's. locked up at least 25 of this pot. run two. the turn. a king there we go full house that's. what I'm talking about baby get me down. if you're in it twice. four times though damn dinner I gotta. stand back up now I thought it was only. twice come on the river's a three 15 dog. Earnest has won the second part so.

That's cool I'm feeling good right now. well you're still alive you're still. alive. our Loose Cannon will stick around. round three a seven of Spades. everybody's looking for a spade he can. now hit a king or a spade to win this. run. the river. it is a space. hey man I'm just thinking of more house. man. this is like slow roll one more time. put a king ball out there. Ernest Wiggins has now won half the spot. this is the thing right here this is it. right here man this is like the guys. I really like it. come on one more King King. the final run Earnest odds continue to. get worse and worse but Phil looks sick. anyway. a queen on the turn jack there's a jack. ET. kinger and Jack one time there's what. three Jacks left right now. the final River card. it's a king. three out of four okay three out of four. why is everyone so happy except Phil.

Yeah that's what I'm talking about huh. if you do it once you lose a whole lot. and every time you did an extra time you. want a higher percentage of the pot if. you did it twice fifty percent Phil. deserved that doing that with Ice Nine. Tony. can you can you please shut up the. bike's gone I mean come on man you just. want to rub salt in my wound every time. show some class show some class. 850. 000 out there oh my goodness quads on. the Flop don't ever run back strange. last time Gomez had aces it was against. Kevin Saul and 360s came on board he won. a big pot this time three of a kind is. Gonna Come on board and he's destined to. lose a lot of chips right here. and now the question is how is Spindler. going to play it. he was Raising wasting no time you know. this is an interesting play here from. Spindler he's got four of kind and you.

Know popular wisdom would say you should. just call and slow play it but what he's. hoping for here is that his Reyes looks. like a bluff and that Gomez does have a. hand like Aces Kings or something along. those lines and is gonna you know play. for it all. right we're just gonna call now you know. the funny thing about this is Gomez. actually thinks he's trapping him right. he's he thinks he's slow playing he's. doing he's trying to trap him as he. thought he tried and as he did against. Kevin Saul earlier in this tournament. now Benny Spindler asking for a chip. count 350 000 a piece let's see the turn. card. show weakness if you will it's a little. bit sort of Hollywood move. Gomez's checking. and that's poker on a higher level isn't. it yeah absolutely now Gomez is really. checking in the hopes that Spindler you.

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