30.04.2024 TURNING $25 TO $1500 (FULL DEGEN) - Stake

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I cannot cash out I cannot cash out it. is impossible for me to cash out because. I'm a d gen I'm a d Gen R $22 $5. mines all right okay okay we take it we. take it we take it limbo 40x unlucky. unlucky all right. $10 piece of [ __ ] man [ __ ]. you get me all the way to the top get me. all the way to the top am I going left. side or stay away from left side maybe I. just go all the way up all right where. am I going where am I. going right relax relax right left stop. I cannot cash out I cannot cash out it. is impossible for me to cash out because. I'm a d gen I'm a d gen rat I cannot I. could take $80 on a rat hand no cash. just before we get into the video if. you're new to State click up the top. right make an account and use promo code. adrenaline for a 200% dep pule bonus. that's not doubling your money that's.

Tripling your money along with. additional benefits too if you've. already signed up in the first 24 hours. you can go up to the top right go to. settings offers and then input the code. there in the first 24 hours to activate. the bonus with that being said. appreciate it let's get into the video. number. generator four. two yes yes but oh my goodness oh my. goodness give me a win I'm got. medum 50 $25 probably going to get a lo. oh 3x I'll take that back up to 200 du. du du but probably will give us a zero X. but we'll go with an 8 one up all right. we're on a bit of a look streak now the. second the second I got that put it I. put it all on Blackjack and I uh all. right where's the triple versus wild and. we're rich I don't see. it you piece of [ __ ] here's our. graph at the moment boys lot else lot. else I need to get back in the green $75.

75. bet oh oh my gosh I'm a genius 46 Cent. profit I could just take it I could take. my profit and call it a day bu a car. with profit yeah I would I don't want to. make anybody jealous here boys 104 I'm. black. jack four a six what do you mean this. guy has a 20 what am I saying this is so. de roul all in rou all 85 I need a bike. I need a bike boys I need a bike black. black. quick little 20 25 get me back up in the. green and watch him get a 21 now watch. oh my God classic like you're so . you you bit go all in back around. and Banker boys I never I never play. this I don't know how to play this. but how to play this time all right. I don't I don't know what I'm doing here. boys I'm I'm going on banker and I don't. care all in on. Banker all right well that was . the dumbest idea ever whoever told me to. to go on Banker I should have just went.

All in on mine we need to get it back. boys we need to get it back 100 I'm. taking 100 out and that's all in on. Banker again that is so Deen bro so. that's so. Deen all right I don't know how to play. this I don't know what I'm looking for. here. D what the. I'm not letting this piece of [ __ ]. beat me I'm not letting this piece of. beat me I'm not letting this piece. of beat me. please give me a. win oh my. God hell is that happened hell is that. happen hell is this happen I'm gone I'm. gone I'm gone I'm gone I'm gone I'm gone. I'm gone what has actually just happened. oh my God back r four times in a row I'm. I'm I'm getting all my money back right. now I'm getting all my money. back right now we tired of playing with. your ass today your ass is going. to die to give me up no actually I. don't like playing against people with.

Glasses they always take my money I. can't believe I've just lost never. playing that I'm never playing backr. again I'm never playing backr again. Blackjack please I need I. need all right all in three times in a. row all in I get talked into doing. that 180 my money back now now. Stak give me an ace queen of course he. has an ace. man. I need this money. back. 13 too many it's 5 43 and one. winning 50 the play little 50 then I'm. going all back all in then I'm going all. in get all M. money 17 17 21 I made the right choice. there boys I made the right choice I'm. going small bet one more time I'm going. small B one more time and next time I go. all in I win all my money back and I. take it I go every again I'm winning all. my money back game a seven again. I think I made the right choice he has. 21 here we go all in boys all in.

250 P give me a Blackjack you. son of a. oh Jesus Christ I'm standing boys. I'm. standing I should I probably should have. catched out 200 to be honest N I don't. care I'm not a [ __ ] I'm not a. hope. I. I'm the best ever doing yeah I'm still. 50 down now we want to see back you know. what I'm not letting this game. beat me I'm not letting this game beat. I'm not let I'm I'm going off I'm going. off take with pride I'm doing this and. I'm going to win this time then I got to. be in green come on give me this . win come. on I'm the. craziest what a story line boys. what a story you thought you you. to look at this look at this. yeah you to steak [ __ ] you $25. hit one time do it come. on probably a idea to be honest 200. 200 on Crash 200 on Crash If I Lose I'm. getting off If I Lose I'm getting off If. I Lose I'm getting.

Off okay go go go go go go go go go go. go go. go cash. out oh what a good cash out I'm a. genius yes I'm coming for all. steaks mon it thought it had me for a. second no no no no no I'm the king of. steak I the king of steak to be honest. now I have the money to do. this we're not really making any money. oh my God Rexel with. that I get it sus can I do dead man's. hand you know what I can do that I'm. thinking maybe like a 160 or something. boys M I actually do some I do drop. me some. oh very good very nice very nice very. good not too shabby stream not too. shabby eight worlds 19 multiplier making. me Rich a piece of [ __ ] please. oh my. gosh oh will we even profit them. who even 60 I'll you know what I'll take. it I'll take it boom 60. 187 profited go with one it does owe me. money for last all right that was the.

Worst Buy in the world to be honest. slots that take all my money but that's. okay. man absolutely. zero okay open again. again 5x not oh we're opening can we get. one in the. middle oh oh. oh oh boys. oh man if that was long di L we would. have been laughing an absolutely. nothing prop it good job I will not rest. until I hit this all right cheeky little. 10 give me 100 give me 100 do it do. it all right. DBL oh you piece of all right one. more. time all right there's actually. something wrong with me one more. time oh. baby boys I'm about to come back from. $100 up to 700 I'm I'm I'm. making it a C I'm making it a. c oh. Unstoppable $160 mortal desire super 160. told you I said it was kind of DJ today. I said I was cently we have. 0. 0 all. right now I need that to happen about 18. more times please oh what's this one.

It's a gold one oh. is that all that up the in the end is. that what I'm looking for wa was this. what the hell is going on. here I win all. that wait that's money that's. money got it boys I'm getting to a. all I need is 70 $2 all right. we're going live Bru we're going red. going to need like 80 if I get to a k. boys if I get to a k I'm going to lose. my come. on the greatest ever I'm the greatest. boys look at the balance boys I was I. was about to sleep outside tonight I was. about to sleep under a bridge. tonight and now look at this bro a crash. could just crash a all right hey. all right type one in the chat to join. the join the giveaway Boys Subs will get. a 2X multiplier here who's going to be. double XXL a bro I'm so tempted to just. do something dumb $500 2x limbo it's. just so risky though. man see I would have lost you know what.

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