30.04.2024 UX vs CX: What's the difference?

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CX and ux are both hot terms in the. world of business. but do you know exactly what they mean. customer experience versus user. experience they sound pretty similar now. these two are fundamentally linked. however there are some important. distinctions. my name is Alex and welcome to ux tweaks. Channel today we are talking about the. differences and similarities between. user experience and customer experience. I'll go over the definition for both of. these terms how they relate to each. other and what are their most important. distinctions also talk a bit about what. are the responsibilities of ux designers. or researchers versus those of CX. specialists. let's start with defining ux. ux stands for user experience it deals. with the experiences users are having. while interacting with a particular. product. mostly the term is used in relation to.

Digital products like an app a website. or other kinds of software a prime issue. ux deals with is a usability of the. product which means how easy it is for. users to interact with it and how. effective they are in achieving their. goals while using the product topics. like user research user interface design. information architecture learnability. and accessibility all fall under ux as. well. CX stands for customer experience now. this sounds incredibly similar but. remember users of your product are not. always your customers someone can use. your app or website thus be a user. however they are not your customer until. they buy something from you CX deals. with the experience your customers are. having while interacting with your brand. as a whole not just an individual. product it takes into account customers.

Perception of your company's marketing. strategy Customer Service pricing brand. reputability delivery methods sales. process and all of the products. hopefully the difference between these. two terms is becoming clearer even. though ux and CX are fundamentally. linked ux is a narrower discipline while. CX is more allencompassing and holistic. ux by its definition is a subset of CX a. digital product is what ux deals with. digital products are a part of what. makes up a brand and as such ux is. fundamentally a part of CX. because ux and CX overlap in this way. there might be some confusion regarding. the responsibilities of ux and CX. professionals so what does the job of a. ux designer or researcher look like in. comparison to a job of a CX specialist. ux activities include designing a. particular product such as a website.

Mobile app or software this means. researching users proposing layout and. navigation structure creating prototypes. and working with visual designers and. developers to ensure that the final. product provides the best experience for. the users continuously testing the. design and usability of the product is. also a big part of ux activities CX. professionals will typically not concern. themselves with a single product on the. other hand. CX activities are broader they include. customer research designing customer. personas and Journeys and mapping out. customers interactions with the business. as a whole CX professionals tend to work. with all levels and departments across. the organization to understand business. and customer goals and make sure they. are in alignment testing usability in a. typical sense is not part of a CX job.

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