30.04.2024 We did $50 SPINS on Big Bass Bonanza.. and IT PAID!

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All right guys today we are live so say. hello to youtube there will be no. spoilers because we haven't recorded yet. but we have 10k in our balance raw cash. and um yeah we're going to be playing on. gamdom and we're going to do something. very stupid and that is going to be big. baz bonanza 50 spins and hopefully we. win something big if we get the max fish. that's a hundred grand even if we see it. that'd be pretty exciting if you guys. want to check out yamdum make sure uh. you guys click the little promo up here. and get free coins you could win up to. fifty dollars yeah if you use code watch. games tv starting off with quick oh. all right okay here we go okay. that's 250. am i right. tony. sure. yo hey. i haven't looked up bonus before can you. show me how it works yeah so okay. yup. good luck come on boys please.

Something big let me let me catch a few. of those big fish dude. okay. oh that's a 2.5 k fish. smile looking at my screen right now oh. come on please say it bro what is this. where's olaf oh dynamite. okay. okay. come on. oh that oh. wow. that's 2.5 k. that's so stupid dude that's so stupid. the max went like the 2000 x fish is. like oh wow oh my god okay. not bad all right 4k. not bad first bonus i think bottom line. 5k maybe and then if we get up to like. 20 we probably call it quits but if we. hit the big fish the 2000 x fish that's. 100k oh nice that's a full line how much. is that. okay. okay here we go. yes. yes bro. all we need is 3k bag to break even that. sounded so impossible oh actually it is. possible whoa look at that fish. dynamite dynamite dynamite queen line i. guess but that's not that much five volt. okay that's not that much yeah.

All right. all right come on get to 2x get the two. x come on. bro i just want to see the hundred. hundred thousand dollar fish. on your lunch break now like come on oh. nice. okay one spin on a dream for olan. giving it a raise if you oh it's right. there. no. my god. oh i mean i got i got to see it at least. you know. what's up sam how are you bro. though. oh okay. come on come on thumbnail now say you. want to hit it yeah. bro. dude. look at these fish bro it's just on big. spins this slide is just. that's like five grand just there bro. just in fish. there he is oh what do you mean where. he's at he brought his friend bro he. brought his friend okay. i didn't know he had a first brother i. already had like uh. the acting triplets. damn that's stupid. come on hola. get me to two we still haven't gone to. two eggs by the way.

You met the 100k fish just a match just. like think about it right now. oh hits oh that's not bad oh my. how many money is that imagine the 100k. fish i'm from the 10x though dude yeah. you know maxwell is 2000x though. dynamite. 5k. almost my screen. okay we're back. please. nice okay that's though that's the. worst fish you can get. oh. okay. not bad. okay. come on. come on or spins to get one more but i'd. like to be in the lead. at least by one. pulling oh. that would have been nice that would. have been huge bro. it would have been like 6k just that hit. nice. okay we got a two xyz we got a two eggs. so we're it's a hundred dollar spins now. basically 200k let's go 200 no no no. it's still a max win 2008. okay. okay. send him an angry email. come on don't flop now come on don't. flop now i mean. nice nice nice nice oh my god okay.

That's my dog that's it let's go. oh come on that's five 6k dude. oh. bro. that would have been like 5k on that. do it. why yeah bro he's coming he's coming. he's coming okay please one more off. not that not that i said one more but i. didn't mean 100. uh all right keep like now i don't want. to wait dude. well no a bonus on turbo right so maybe. that's what i got to do i got to switch. it back and forth. okay. yup. yup okay. all right you just smarter bro. come on nice starting off with 1.2. yeah. dynamite. oh man get me to 2x bro this is . come on nice one more one more two spins. one more two spins boys come on. one more two spins do it last min. dream. he's literally here no. bro debated debated that was a bad bonus. but this one will be better. don't worry bro you hit the 100k. okay that's fine we take that we take.

That it's a quick bonus. bro chat how stupid would it be like if. we just see the 100k fish and the. olaf shows up. you know. like dude. that would be stupid. that would be a fun that'd be a fun win. right there. i know they're paying like 20 x's kind. of sound yeah but 20 x is still 2k i. think right it just keeps doing this to. 20k i'm happy what's the point of this. bonus dude a hundred bucks man. i mean three x over. come on. yeah what are you saying yeah oh that's. 500 500 500 oh my god it's like 2k. okay how many spins do we have left do. we have enough to get two more alloffs. we do of course yup you mean oh. come on. come on. one more one more chat one more come on. maybe more. maybe like damn i wish my mom name is. something else come on come on come on. come on come on come on come on. 4k. until bottom line is 15 now.

All right come on. i mean this pays out. 30k um i don't like the fact that it's. hitting lines and not will launch. you know whatever you can't like you. like. no violence. come on oh last minute no okay we're. uh what do we do guys what do we do did. we just cash out 20k i'm gonna cash out. i'm listen i'm gonna cash out the 20k i. may have some affiliates so i will take. out my affiliates and we'll continue. this with whatever i have in my. affiliates but we won't we'll do a. little bit lower spins because hopefully. we can work it up so we set up a cash. out goal right 20k and we hit it you. know i think the best thing to do is to. cash out right there's you set goals for. a reason because if something's hot it. could go dry and you could be like oh i. just want to get back to 20k i'll cash. out 20k i promise you know what so we.

Got it um. okay let me check my affiliates guys. give me one sec now we're going to do. less though we're going to do less yeah. no i'm not gonna do that no no no no but. you know you know what i will do if we. can get this 1.8 k up to like nine i. will do one five hundred dollar spin. here we go here we go. blackjack double 1k back to big bass did. you not see what happened with blackjack. earlier. oh the fish just look so small now you. know 75. last time i checked 30k is. pretty good yeah yeah dynamite no okay. we'll take an olaf can we get double. olaf drop. okay dynamite okay that's fine just get. me to 2x now three spins to do it. okay do it in one can we get extra two. come on. see probably bro maybe we just got to. stop doing wagers and just play like. this because it's so much better so just. just get up and then cash out it's like.

All right that was good oh nice. yeah but when you cash out then you. don't have as much content true but the. wager kind of keeps you in there. all right doubled up building. golden boys just gotta get to 9k bro and. then we do a 500 spin. nice bro just drop olaf right here and. then out of nowhere just drop the 30k. fish. so i can just leave the room screaming. and come back in. nice one more hmm that's fine that's. good that's a good hit another one. thousand dollars another one okay get me. to three x bro two spins to do it i. think. is that isn't it uh how do you know his. name it says it in the the thing on the. info. come on all up. nah does it here. i'm pretty sure. right. you know and why would we not bonus. what's olaf's surname. i know his mate uh maiden mod mother's. maiden name i think it is i think he. quit according to uh according to.

Pragmatics website. his official name is the fisherman. that's not his real name like you gotta. have a name. but to be honest guys the reason why i. call him olaf is because i've watched. multiple streamers call them all off so. i think it's just like a community name. i think we named them as a community and. olaf sounds like a good name you know it. seems like he looks like a olaf. no look at him. the sun in the back holding a fish up. one more of him and then we'll we're at. two hangs. nice. saved. okay okay okay okay. okay wow. that's not bad. yeah beautiful hit 900 bucks. yup oh that's huge that's huge. that's a lot of money. oh my. 2.25 that's spin alone and we can get. two more spins. epic win boys all right come on two. spins to do it olaf uh he has to double. drop now to get to 3x. it won't even drop once okay.

Nice nice. let's get the balance up guys and then. and then we'll we'll switch it to 500.. i'm only going to do one spin and we'll. just pray you know because it's just. stupid i can't afford to do 500 spins. there's like that's that's that's like a. 50 000 bonus buy this had a bonus buy. probably. and like i wouldn't want to spend 50 000. or 500 even on one spin if i do bonus. we're freaking out you know what i mean. chad like my bonus. uh yeah yeah. i'm just saying if we do bonus you know. this slide is uh bro it's different. everywhere i feel like they are oranges. not peaches you pepeka well you clearly. don't know the difference between a. peach and an orange so dg uh don't worry. about it okay i'll teach you. nice one more come on save it save it. save it save it. save it. one more hola come on come on. do it do it do it do it too much fish.

You didn't want to pay out that much. for this bad bonus i think. oh. how much is that okay. let's go to 25 wait let's do okay guys. we'll do it we'll do it let me give it a. little bit of a warm up. when are we feeling to go in. oh that's a hit we don't it's not going. to bonus after a hit. oh my god i should have went i should. have went i should have went i should. have went. dude. oh i sure went that would have been the. one chat. i was gonna do the 500. i didn't. think it would hit it would bonus after. a hit. i knew it bro. watch the video pepe the proof they are. oranges yeah that's cap dude don't worry. oh nice this is a good lead what the. imagine just imagining. yeah we're in 500 spin right now. bro this would have been no. i don't imagine if this was on 500 bro i. don't want to i was trying to time the. bonus.

Oh come on one more. no way you throw right you threw okay it. would have been a it would have. been a 500 bonus you know i ain't. even worried it's time boys it's . time. one spin in a dream. here we go. even a regular hit then we if if it pays. back 500 we could do another one. it's doing it. oh. no that's not a line. no. bro if it went down that would have been. oh on 15 and oh my god. i still can't believe man if you would. have did it when i said no you would. have had oh bro i thought about it too. honestly cry i was thinking of clicking. them but i'm like i want to see like. what's the next one going to be the best. youtube video dude i've seen the views. all right what did i miss. um 50 spins on big bass we went from 10k. to 20. cashed it out and then we had. 1.5k in affiliates roughly and we're. playing with that now and we're already.

Up to 7.5 so oh nice 30 bucks but that's fine because we just want to get ahead so if we can just get another one here that'd be nuts bro if we can get the like on fifty dollars if we get the 2000 x fish that'd be 50 grand one in total like run hundreds they're they're paying i don't want to risk that much bro because 100 dead spins are one grand right we can't do it with this balance but yeah if it bonuses it could be good but okay okay we got the 2x with three spins left there's a chance if we can get like an olaf each spin that'd be a really good setup no okay two olafs i asked pragmatic answer me bro oh what do they say yeah he does not have any specific name when she meant like specific name she meant like other than olaf so oh that's 500 right there almost 450.

Probably did the 500 spin. oh yeah okay no hear me out. i was like i'm gonna do it now right and. then i didn't do it and i clicked. and it was the bonus. and then we bumped it up and it's fun. and it almost did a almost like a line. with uh the the. these things. it went like one two missed this one. three i think. it was just stupid yeah. but yo 855 here we'll take that. i didn't even notice your road trip yeah. he's right here it's hard to see he's on. vacation. i think he is bro he didn't even come. for the 30 fish. oh here we go. he normally shows up for the small fish. but. seems like he's on a break. lunch break maybe okay okay we'll take. that we'll take that it's not bad 400. more. two more all lobs and we're in two eggs. is that this is not kind of. disappointing. nice one more i will take a 75. i would. have preferred known one last spin.

Last spin in a dream boys. ah tough too much fish. what if we do two 250s oh no double the. chances no no. come on. what is that. oh my god okay you asked for the dead. spin. come on come on come on come on come on. oh we got we actually got scammed good. thing we didn't do the 500. oh 500. okay okay. we're back you're gonna keep going. all right we get back to our a50 boys. all right here we go oh. come on. nice. raining bonuses i know that's why i. really want to hit this bro. like i have a feeling though if we do. get it it's gonna probably flop because. there's no way in hell they're paying. out that much but. it's still exciting you know. like there's just no way you know like. just getting the bonus would be nuts. come on one more we got two spins to do. it it's kind of a payout so far so. we got to kind of get this.

Nice one more uh dynamite no. okay one more one more one more. one more no man i went by. okay okay now now hit like four of them. we can keep trying as long as my balance. doesn't go down like i don't mind it but. like like i said six grand is bottom. line guys so. whether we. oh nice. that's really good. 1.2 bro. oh. yeah. yo. jedi thank you so much bro for the raid. 6 viewers welcome guys we're doing some. uh dgen stuff. ah okay all right 1.6. we're back to now who we're almost at. oh it's a 10k bro i started with one. come on come on come on come on even a. full line of like. anything premium would be nuts here we. go. someone. what is that every time i go to it's. just dead spin all right one more time. oh. that's not bad that's only 500 though. that's only 500 off okay. no no i'm just gonna i'm gonna do 250. down to nine.

Okay that's 125 that's kind of . oh that's okay we got another 215. and a dream and a dream i don't know. buy 100s. i'd rather you do that and then one 500. spin yeah that scares me. oh. oh come on come on oh my god do it. please come on. no way you debated me like that bro. oh my god. we say we're gonna do 50 spins down to. 6k and then we cash out 6k. come on. nice. nice yes let's go. come on. come on come on. yeah we already hit this earlier bro it. was not so. we hit a bunch of them actually on 50. but we cashed out. yeah we went from 10 to 20k like. multiple bonuses no no multiple bonuses. my biggest one i think was like 5k. look at that look at that a lot of. little fish that's what it is. bro i'm just watching my hardest pump. insane man nice. come on nice oh dynamite this could be. good please. 100k fish. do it 50 oh that's good that's good.

That's good. all right. one more. 2.2. we saw the 100k fish earlier too that. was nuts one more roll off. please nah i could have dropped it there. was not that much bro. oh. my god oh. come on. oh it's still a hundred oh it's hot. right there oh my god oh my god. oh wow. the 100k fish was right there bro the. bonus would have ended instantly man. we still had eight spins dynamite. damn it. bruh. yeah i saw it fifty dollar spins. pace. 575 at least get to the 2x. i know. pain. oh nice we got the two eggs. come on come on come on come on we can. we gotta we could get a lead if we get. two more but i'll take three somehow. double drop. nah oh that's so good bro the big fish. no okay that's fine we get 10 more spins. we got 10 more spins. where did he go all it takes is one big. fish though on a 2x that's a lot of. money. nice dynamite why why.

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