30.04.2024 We Dropped $600 Balls on Plinko and BROKE THE GAME...

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Last Christmas Rowan gave me his heart. really last you sure it was my hat yeah. that do let's open this [ __ ]. sorry it's been good that's cool too. been really good to us I can't even. respin. it it paid so I literally couldn't. spin afterwards would you imagine buying. that and paying. $5 no I would . rage actually yeah I could I just did. it did you buy oh did you spin I thought. wait wait wait wait this is good this is. really good the multi okay Oo we need. now all the way oh M 24 oh all. right it will never go all the. way come on myy symbols all the way it. would. never. bottle oh my God I always R away always. one. away. come on. op nice. oh. man. okay more puss I like more puss. please. oh. no connections come on push push there. we go bro it's looking pretty good there. we go come on come. on come on. now oh I was just about to say push bar.

Right oh man let's go. come on good hit good hit nice good. push I am going to squirt it holy . come on hold up hold up come on. connection oh my god oh my god let's go. nice hit nice . hit great hit dude middle middle. one comeand up it come on drop it baby. let's go drop it drop in the first first. orb. first. what it's about time that first. Bon has paid something bro it's about. time been a long time coming for. this piece of pretty sure last game last. time it was no orbs yeah Reaper makes me. crch take my hand and smash that. pony oh you make somebody Reaper. okay. perfect hey stum can you make me now. okay how's that for the the thumb hit. was that for yeah it's hitting it's. hitting but it's not for a. lot it still help don't get me wrong it. helps it certainly Daddy yeah that. helps in connections now hard it hard it.

And then an X oh my. that would have made me go heart. yes what a thumbs oh no it's not. connecting through. Aces these help right these do help yeah. yeah absolutely yeah does come on. hard us hard us multiplier hit hard us. just hard Us big hit even just give. us all. thumbs heart hat. damn that sucks save us now hat hit. ah good hit good hit good. wi good one 150 a can't complain. maybe you don't know but I've seen a Max. only on this. bonus you told me okay okay all. right okay a bunch times every. time in the fourth reel in the fourth re. come on blue box 200. x fourth reel bottom three just one of. them come on at least one of them come. on man save us what go get safe get safe. let's go what a . see. come on dork we need more we need more. baby come on and in hooky day also say. what a. safe. y need premiums on the first reel.

Here nice good save great save that's. awesome yeah this one exactly this one. or. here oh there. y that ja what had two lines yes right. in the fourth fourth reel. right oh where the ace is at come. on come on Fourth reel. come on save. us come on save save save. sa nice good save let's go let's go come. on where that T at come on put it in. there this is already a very good bonus. hell yeah it is let's make it a great. bonus what is happening here what is. happening this is looking really weird. eh hold the phone get the right. placement on It come on. dude it's already a great hit a great. hit wonderful hit great hit that we will. take wonderful bonus drop it . here oh come on what are you guys saying. is it dying save save save is it dying. or. what come on save save come on it's. going to save I think it's going to save.

Too dude nice hit it's a nice hit great. hit a wonderful hit beautiful come onop. it damn it okay I mean we'll take it. dude fantastic right fantastic. fantastic it nice get it there. let's. go beautiful good bonus let's go. dude. sure oo 15 10 nice. nice D heart is the. best it's not a c m it is it is it. is look at him he's like y jumping the. the. bit come on King first reel come on King. first. reel oh oh come on drop it King King. King yes yes yes come on baby oh. yeah come on Reapers all the. way Reapers Reaper all the way yep 10's. coming in Queen theer probably right. here keep going this multiplier is. building nicely dude 16x. already come on eight spins. remain come. on. yep come on come on Reaper Reaper reap. reap reap reap reap okay. nice good hit good hit there Kings man. those. kings beautiful I know it's so big every.

Literally so big come. on this. king king. first oh okay on King personal. King yeah come on queer Queen first. queen first queen first queen first oh. nice hit nice hit what a hit. Christmas. Carol nice oh fantastic. win let's go bro fantastic. fantastic a little 400 a. here let's go guys [ __ ] yeah man. really needed that really helps let's go. duel duel duel we still haven't had a. good duel bonus in a long time okay it's. been 11 ZX duels in a row okay can we. get a good duel. here what wait what yeah we about that. was not the D that was off the dead and. the. trains oh yeah I pay attention r nine. okay good nice that'll pay some sure. 3,900 we'll take that nice we got the. blue guy here. too good H 5K good. start. on full. screen looks a little. weird it's showing. up come. on uh it's all right made our money back.

We're even right now we got rotten so. let's do this come on Rotten show. why you're the best show. us bro come on come on give us the. switch I need to say. it [ __ ] just short just short of. the gravy but we'll call it it we'll. call it a. few balls wouldn't hurt e for. the road but what are we going to listen. to get some sold out Ono. let's get it dude ready when. you're ready to 3 3 21 I'm ready for 3 2. one wherever you are 3 21. go I got a record on a d. Rock ain't bad for a boy from. Mississippi 130x we're back let's go. baby that's what I'm talking about let's. go hey I'm talking about baby. let's go bro looks like you you can't. see it no way brother you guys can't. even see it God I had the wrong screen. on 130 right away you you you just. got your sorry fellas I got to get. another one now yeah I did Brother let's.

Go dude incredible man. holy. wow my. F150 on my. Instagram and out oh no what I still so. loud a I still. L guys don't spam your B it's over about. 13 I got let's go baby dude this Hardy. I'm telling you about her I told. you man I told you I [ __ ]. told you that's an incredible sorry guys. I had to get another one I had to get. another one you guys didn't see the. first. one let's go dude holy all what's. up the balls looking weird. $623 let's go come. on he's a whole lot bigger than I. thought it'd. be we're down to 125 guys what a night. man D what is going on over. there a. wall 26. nice anybody here think the 130 is done. I don't I think another 130 is coming. see I I hit two 130s in one. song. what a wall like sold. l oh man I thought I hit 26 we take. that hello Kim just coming in to say uh. Merry Christmas to the chat and.

Everybody before my fingers fall off. from thanks Keem good sh brother. of course let's go Keem for we get some. hand claps in for Keem tonight come on. boys guys he organizes his entire. 25 Days of Christmas man get. some love in the chat for that man he's. the reason why there's art contest 3 go. another 26 let's go he's the reason why. we did the AR contest we did the f are. you smarter than the fifth grader all. this man get some love in the chat. for him appreciate you we got do that. you smarter than a fifth we do that . we do for sure we got to do that again. that was . hilarious give man oh man I wonder what. it's like I wonder what it's like to be. the man like. ke oh dude holy . bro. oh. a. oh oh my goodness brother that was going. that was so close I thought that was. going to a th let's go come on 200 200.

200 let's go. bro it say it says double it's double. this is incredible that's double I know. but I can't be done it's 150 brother 150. Now new bottom 175 175 I can't I'm sorry. bro I'm. 150. talki. mushrooms did you see that what the . was that what the was that did you see. that did you see that. drop I got a feel 1000's coming dude I. don't know brother it's looking really. weird really weird come on 130. hit again come on baby come. on. in. the come on baby come on come on ready. here we go here we go here we. go oh my God oh my God it was so . close oh my God you see that . hop Kill. dud that that was almost perfect. queue bro did you see that my God. that was was almost perfect we. both got up and boom smoked to 26 that. was incredible You Can Kiss My Country. Ass that I'mma Kill your. life dude someb some.

Brother what's going dude I dude I. can't drop it brother stop dude what is. happened on my keyboard. brother brother that thing just dropped. a million balls what just happened don't. know your fingers are going nuts dude. brother would not stop D the game not. they took it off you broke it you broke. the game because you were dropping the. balls too fast but I didn't even do. anything my keyboard's really not. working brother Eddie turned my keyboard. D something's wrong brother look at. something's dude yeah something's . up dude there's no numbers what where's. everything at you broke it they lit. Banned Me from the. website because you are dropping. your balls too fast I hear you about the. balls too fast but the problem is. brother is I didn't do nothing good. night guys you're up 50k we were down to. 30k at one point okay that's incredible.

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