30.04.2024 We GOT the EPIC WIN 😱 | Gates of Olympus on 1250$ STAKE 😍 | Trainwreckstv Gambling Highlights

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Come on dog house mega waves it's time. for you to clutch the up. it is time for you to clutch the up. and do something here for us. either give us. a for scatter bonus. please come on doggos. come on yes there we go. holy . all right clutch up. come on raining. juice up. another please. is this. all the way across. all the way. across the is this. all the way across. right here. no. this is not the time for this to die. right here come on you oh come on. so good oh one pink on two. i wouldn't so good. well there's no shaving 0x. right here. right. here no shots come on. this is not the time to die right here. right here make something happen no shot. oh we'll take that all the way all right. all right damn yeah. thank god. all the way now yeah right here now i'll. clutch up one more right here now. please no belt at least connect no i'll.

Take it i clutched up low key thank god. for the tens yeah. just a couple more of those huh. that would have been nice come on. yes. yes. all right. i think that though so nice. watch up all the way. all the way. in the back all right okay five we'll. take it oh. all the way no none of this bro one. more here one right here please okay. they'll be huge oh we got queens. oh bro huge oh [ __ ] that's some. jokes right imagine if the belt's hit. yeah yeah yeah keep going. oh two one right here one middle and. come on two two bro. okay two and three two and three oh. with three multis across two guys. two three right here. in the middle three three and five three. five come on no leashes or jacks. it's done we'll take it though it's a. juicer that's good. all right. yeah i mean if we got four somehow we. would get. give us a bonus bonus on reel one and.

Two. now i think we hit up a beautiful. let's go to gates real quick so we can. get in i'm down. come on gates. come on clutch up come on if you can. give jelly peanuts to this gambled like. two hours in his entire life. max wins get one to go me until i got a. max one on this today i cannot believe. that. silly a friend of mine. yeah. long time real friend. and mod. good dude. oh yes okay i'm just gonna say i'm kind. of feeling this bonus yeah do something. here baby come on big one off the bat. come on. connect. out of this trash please. all sevens. come on bro. good. drop a big one. for sake. we're gonna need a retreat. there's nothing that connects now. uh at least connect that. yeah. on everything 14k there's no shot. get us back in please and i'll juice up. dude this max one replay is nuts. holy . yes. nice oh he's gonna juice.

All right better hit only imagine. what dumber tipped up on christmas. give me a 500x . at st zeus. stuff it up mom. raise your arm stop here drop it. give us something bro what's good. raise it man. hello. 5x okay that's it. holy mate. typical. typical come on. good. yellows. typical wow. pretty typical so far. maybe a retrigger. come on give us the blue let's drop the. retrigger it has to be the case. raise your arm at least if you're not. going to retreat. no shot wow. eats up two 11k. yeah it's gonna get me right back and i. just juiced up like 30 minutes for a. five second bonus. the . raise it again [ __ ] 500 x. holy mate. that was putrid pulling. them a damn destiny script. on christmas. yes thank you. hell my god. is going on here bro i'm juicing. holy man. suck in that cloud. no. i heard it was actually not good it's.

Better. uh. i was gonna watch it. raise your arm here please. okay 250 right now raise it on. raise it raise the arm [ __ ]. raise your arm. raise your arms. and rings how is it not raising your. arm. come on bro. raise your arm here. oh my god. oh of course yep there it is oh thanks. so much. wow. wow it's almost like it's not scripted. to lose. holy. is that string are you kidding me. 36. everything at eight. oh my god bro that was just . yes there we go there we go now please. do something. around zeus. raise your arm hourglass. holy . raise your arm let's put the multi thank. you 2x my dick. what the is this don't be a [ __ ]. again. huh. this is just pushing you out the slot. oh wow. i'm generous raise your arms. rings and raise how do you not give us. how does that connect there. wow. hourglass rings. is your arm here at least.

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