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Okay we're back on stake 100 in the. balance if you haven't joined the. Discord yet Link in the description. we're doing another giveaway right now. it's live 50 total two winners one of. them is for everyone and one of them is. just for users that have used code. casino on stake um so yeah there's more. info in the Discord below join up real. quick we're playing badshack today and. we have a hundred dollars yeah I'm. excited too we have another video we. love that jacket it's like it's the best. because. you know it's the best right if you want. to print some money because we're going. to be preparing momentum today because. it's my favorite black track strategy. which is essentially just adding on when. you win and then returning to a baseball. when you lose so it favors like going on. a nice hot streak yeah you know the goal.

Today 100 to 500 we're not stopping. unless you get 500 wow that's all right. yeah no I mean if the Vibes switch like. maybe yeah like no no no no we're. committed with 20. it's a big starting. BET right we're gonna increase by 10. each time we win ideally you just. started for the W6 that was bad we're. gonna hit this low carb three four five. six five six anything low. seven eight. oh no we're just gonna get five bucks. yep do it okay it's still good it's so. good it's good I'm just gonna stand here. yeah hope he has a face. that is disgusting it's kind of actually. we needed that win there but it's okay. dude hey nine. seven. okay we'll take seven eight seven eight. good okay we're gonna win now we. increase it to 30 right this is where we. need to win four oh four would have been. a great double but this is fine just.

Face face bust down face face what's down come on face nice now increase to 40. yes 50. we're running it up here we go we did a nice double here strategy Ace okay it's good face nice slowly we're actually pretty good this is massive we're printing we're pretty we're actually printing 70. we're on a what like a seven win streak house no six five five hundred streak on there ice ice seven eight okay but look now we go back down great profit back to 20. we just start the run again five okay give us a three oh yeah now face it oh five six come on ah sick okay running back don't have it don't have it give us a chance okay give us a chance now we hit it seven ah one too many at least you have some money to play with yeah it's kind of sick though all right right there we go up to 30.

Let's wanna back up let's do it let's go Ace Ace it's not bad sorry we can take this face face Buzz down face nice beautiful look at that exactly what we wanted 40. come on give us a nice one when you win here it's okay we're gonna hit it's the best chance like we have a lot of cars to save us eight nine one time okay I like seven the seven to Seven's coming all the eights coming I think it's an eight yeah oh my God I think it's an eight bro wow yeah that was beautiful 50. let's go this is it come on seven oh not total we're doing a great double but it's still good four okay just face face face come on look on face now we're running it up okay don't have it don't have it oh it's so bad regardless okay if you're gonna have it give it to us on a 15 you know exactly back down to 20.

Oh it's a double it's a great double I. wish you had the last time it would have. been 100 come on face. okay oh god oh okay well I'm happy with. it now holy that's really run the 20. back oh there's a six it's a five there. oh disgusting bro. five. sick. oh it would have been a great double but. face face face now six Ohio nice nice I. think that would take that increase to. 30. let's run here let's run here come. on we're running we're running three oh. no it's a split by the way but Mike is. so sick I hate this it's the worst split. we don't have we can just let it happen. but then you have to hit it and it's. really bad as a 16. I think we I think. we've got better but we have to split it. all right we're splitting we just want. threes twos and threes I believe it's a. split by the book I'm happy mistaken by.

That yeah okay that's that's a great. situation the best we stand the 19 we. hit this face. huge. and look it's better than hitting the. the 16 then we just I mean no it's like. the same we still lose 30 but it. okay back down to 20 because it was the. last overall ice ah six seven come on. okay we're back we lost all the problem. we're up to like three oh it's a great. double just face it. face face face. so sick we're back even we're back even. we're up to like 360 or something yeah. that's really gross but you know the. tads of time the ties are turned back. down it's a roller coaster but we start. again let's start again. 30 30. come on let's go I promise three. okay. dude it's so sick just flip a face like. when they have a face here they've. always have it when they have some. very good. okay first. dude what wow.

Like look at this graph dude we're up. 210 and now we're just oh up. that is disgusting that is disgusting. it's okay. it climbs back. climbs back stall to the Blackjack back. back to back as well let's go. okay beautiful it's great just don't. Focus nice beautiful okay here we go. running it all the way back up hey. seven okay okay. oh good face. oh come on seven column seven. bro I can just give us the face there. back down to 20. strategy stressful I. mean it's an up and down I know seven. oh no we're back down here. okay it's pretty good face okay okay. okay okay not bad 30.. please just five six five six. of course it's not looking good guys. something good you don't with this. strategy you don't want to win lose win. lose that's when it's really bad this is. really big though it's a split we might. get a double down afterwards as well if.

We get two three. we don't so it's stand stand we need him. to bust down face face. face. yes nice that's really big back to 100. we need that we needed that we need that. desperately come on out of here let's. run here let's run here five five one. time. back here. seven. okay. nice nice okay keep going up and down. you don't want to win lose in this. strategy because you lose money win win. win and then like losers or lose you. know nice. give us the Facebook come on four five. even a three low. this is the run here this is the side of. the Run come on 40 here Ace oh it's. great it's great no oh dude. with perfect parallel oh dude we needed. that win we need that desperate that. would bring us like 170 or something. five. that's so bad can we do it to them can. we do it seven. oh we can't do it it's about anything. there we go the win lose isn't great but.

Maybe we can just run floating we're not. we're not put that out yeah seven one. time. face. oh my god dude that was the 40. we get. stuck on the sporty if we can't get past. it oh seven eight. three. okay face one time dude it never gives. us the face in the eleven. another five. it's so sick then he gives us a face. come on. three. five six seven. oh my lord it's not looking good it's. not looking good at all six. eight nine. oh my God oh my God we have to we have. to climb out the hole here oh Blackjack. would have been a nice start at six. seven please. dude we're all in we're all in. bye Jack oh we just can't remember. there's so many bases well guys that's. how it goes sometimes you know we saw. the we saw the Strat in effect we got it. for like three sticks yeah if we went we. were running I think like if it was like.

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