30.04.2024 We Tried Pine of Plinko Slot And It Paid?! Massive Wins & Crazy Luck

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What's up guys we're back with another. video on shuffle we're going to be. playing Pine of Plinko with. $1,500 in the balance it's been long. since I wanted to record this slot. actually we played today on stream and. now Walter suggested it I already forgot. we played it and I want to see what it. can do boys cuz we only saw two bonus. today on stream if you would like to be. on the best code best rewarding code on. shuffle use code riches when you sign up. you're going to see more details about. what we do in the video boys let's get. right into it when scatter boost is. activated there will be more scatters on. the wheels I did not even see this when. we did the bonus I did saw this kind of. expensive bro but depends I guess. depends on like maybe often it actually. does job let's see let's see let's do a. little bit of.

Spins wait but you can't really tell how. often it does it right how can you. tell um turbo mode okay how can you. really really tell though cuz it's just. like it's like it normally would show in. some bone bonus symbols you know yep. that's and it cost 2x so yeah you have. to just guess well let's spin it down to. like 1.4 then we can start buying some. bonus we don't get in feel like it. should have given a bonus well it's not. that I mean a still a $200 bonus so no. it's 100 oh yeah 200 okay. $2 wow these so many of those balls. there also. what for this video we might lower the. bet or whatever or not even lower it but. buy everything to be the max you know. what I. mean okay okay okay done with that um. turn off this all right so we buy it for. 184 to start it off ew those balls are. ew I mean you know start the first one.

That's just a. chance oh at more that's not like. guaranteed look it's it's more expensive. if if it's lower for example this $42 we. paid and we got nothing oh my God once. more once more once more I'm a Gambling. Man that's so. expensive nice oh my God please continue. to the bonus quick we just lost $100. half of the bonus by basically and. same that's. scam sometimes people do this if they. have really good other spins you know so. they feel like it could be like an. insane win if they get a little bit more. balls. basically but they do that well I get it. yeah if they like have two insane ones. right if I had like 26 and like 11 and. the one was five I'd risk it at least. once you know yeah but we got paid. around on the same that we risk twice we. at Roland riches are hosting a $10,000. monthly Leaderboard on shuffle you can.

Get over 24,000 in exclusive Level Up. Rewards which is an extra to watch. Shuffle already gives you for leveling. up your Shuffle account and with the. leaderboard and the Level Up Rewards we. also have insane deposit bonuses you can. get up to $40 for free by depositing. money onto your Shuffle account go to. shuffle or click the link in the pined. comment click on register then fill out. all of the details you need to sign up. on shuffle and don't forget to use code. riches once you have signed up you're. going to see the exclusive challenges we. have made for you guys under our code. riches we have five challenges at the. moment and they're going to be updated. so you have always new challenges to. complete guys let's get into the second. one okay the four one. is bro it's the giving the same legit. the giving the same like what's the.

Point what's the point come on I want to. see some of the bouncers and okay no. bouncers on the first one I want to see. some of these you know what that. does if they are open and a ball goes in. there you have a golden ball that is. really expensive if you hit it okay. these are open now a ball can pop in. there by the way in here and we have the. bouncer so this is pretty good I think. should be guaranteed into the next stage. basically get a ball in there a you. trucker get a ball in there. extra XP please extra XP keep bouncing. it bro forever bounce it forever if. needed keep bouncing with extra XP can. the bouncers not go away please ah . you you brother. okay so it's pretty much done here we. got to hit that oh that went to the th. that was going for the THX for real that. is so close by the way yeah damn bro.

It's just so satisfying when to when you. get to a big stage in this game and you. have like a million balls dropping hey I. will not increase the B size just yet no. no no no Nei not doing that good to be. doing all bad this the best one yet yeah. the best one yet boys that is not too. shabby to be. honest it's like how many was that 29 we. had 24 just now I. think yeah let's. see. okay not getting anything any crazy hits. and XP isn't too good though this could. be hard if we don't get bouncer it's. pretty much over here yep it's over. Brother come. on nah man yeah it's over my guy it's. over my. brother bouncers are so necessary to. actually make it and you need bounc if. you get bouncers on the very first spin. that's when it's huge cuz you have more. balls after that it only gives you 10. I'm good with. two e blood sorry guys I sweared a.

Little bit there um in in in another. language but that is just ew are we even. getting into the second stage. here oh we did okay. cool brother brother bro. wait got bouncers we got a. chance got a we got a. chance. then can we get a 100. x that's is just money back for the. bonus then no way we actually don't even. get to the second stage bounce it bounce. bounce bounce that oh my God bro it. almost singlehandedly carried the whole. video it it almost single car bro can we. get some more exciting ones here like. what all right I'm feeling a 25 baller. here finally you oh my god respin respin. four no do you see how expensive that is. though no like $70 it's like . bonus okay quickly by do why does that. triggers me why is it showing so many. balls on top it doesn't even drop that. much didn't get. any. 14 145 five bro that is like such a scam.

That is actually a scam what's the point. like we we bought it like seven times. bro it shouldn't be allowed to actually. give you the same thing like it's. actually illegal. bro I think it it should be possible but. at the same time it should be like 20%. Max it can give you the same almost 100. x wait I was saving one ball for the. save you almost got 100 xeg brother I. know. we done here again right like how do we. without bouncers how do we get there we. don't we just don't we just don't B. ass as this video is not going well I'm. still hoping we get an insane hit. here all we need is. 1,000x right I'm not really locid at the. moment I just saw a video when a guy. first time like learns about a new word. and he uses it oh. okay well this is a good potential one. we have a lot of spins wow bouncers on. the first one.

Actually Wow's bro wow just bounce. everything a million times bro we got to. get got to get extra XP we got to get a. lot of extra XP brother that is not a. lot of extra XP and the bouncers are. probably going to be. gone don't go they gone oh brother. we lost again we lost it again bro wait. bro like how does it always happen every. time it's pretty depressing to be honest. I suggested the slot I didn't suggest. losing 1.5k though Here We Go. Again W okay wait wait if I had money I. would roll this yeah I would also roll. that B we go for this baby. come on bouncers on the First with these. balls first and second fully done 30. second yeah yeah yeah please two levels. straight away come on 30 six. balls is a lot of. balls not that much bro was exp a little. expecting a little more of that I think. that did pretty garbage yeah for 36.

Balls. brother is it doing guaranteed to okay. yeah we got it and we need some bouncers. now though that could be. insane going do it. damn bro it's like wow and we don't even. get to the next one bro like that was. such an insane setup and we. can't even we didn't get a bouncer we. didn't get. anything ah that is just stupid guys I. thought this slot is like a little more. fun okay some expensive spins we'll see. if we can somehow get in a bonus here in. 10. spins get us the in with those five. balls I don't care give us a,x drop. imagine if we do though THX on on a that. with 10K oh yeah the theoretically you. just need one. ball cuz one ball can drop in the first. stage he's not going to do it is it come. on actually give bones please it so. these is so fast by the way double. chance yeah double Chance by the way.

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