30.04.2024 What stretches to do in 10 minutes. Follow along.

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Welcome to my kitchen where we shall. stretch this is like a really fast. stretching routine for most of the body. the focus is going to be on stretches. that i think pretty much everybody needs. so i think anybody can relate to this. i'll be showing some easier versions and. some harder versions just stick with the. version that feels best for you we're. going to hold for around 30 seconds of. post sometimes a little less sometimes a. little more doesn't matter too much and. then we'll be on our way join me if you. like stretch number one hip flexor. stretch here we go just get yourself in. a lunge position one leg behind you toe. pointed out and all you're going to do. is push your hips down toward the floor. and hold this right here your goal is to. feel it right here. and begin breathing deeply the entire. time you stretch.

You want to stay relaxed and you want to. stay focused you want to hold it with. intensity you should feel the stretch. but it should not be painful breathing. deeply. nearing that halfway mark if you want to. deepen the stretch you can reach back. and grab your leg. continue holding. this is one of my favorite stretches by. the way and i feel like the hip flexor. is just one of those muscles that we all. really need to stretch because we sit. down all the time and let it go and. we'll switch to the other side. other lunge push those hips down toward. the floor. focusing again on that hip flexor again. breathing deeply as you go. the reason why our hip flexors are. pretty much tight all the time. is because. we drive we sit at desks we come home. and then we sit on the couch. we basically just sit. a lot so these hip flexors tend to get.

Pretty tight halfway through go ahead. and lift that back leg up if you'd like. but if this variation right here is too. painful just stick with the first one. letting as much tension as possible. leave the body. and go ahead and let that leg relax down. go ahead and stand up we're going to do. elephant walks so what you're going to. do is just stand and reach toward the. ground if you cannot reach the ground. that's okay. keep your hands somewhere up here you're. just gonna bend both your knees and. you're gonna go straighten one of them. all the way out and then bend. straighten the other one out. and bend at the level that you can you. can try it like this if you'd like. or if you're flexible enough you can go. palms on the ground. wherever. you feel best is where you're gonna do. it and you keep alternating. this is a mix between a nerve floss.

And a hamstring stretch. great job we're going to switch it up. both at the same time. stretch them out hold and relax and. again stretch them out. and relax and do it one more time. challenge yourself hold it five. four. three. two. one relax out of it go ahead and have a. seat again and we're gonna do pancake. stretch. um so all you're gonna do is sit on the. floor. open your legs as wide as you can get. them um it doesn't even matter if. they're like this close but your goal is. just to reach forward. if you have trouble reaching forward. like this you can also lean up against a. wall. and flatten your back and you'll feel. that stretch the same way so go to. wherever you feel the stretch. and just hold here we go breathing. deeply. it may also help you to flex your quads. to get these knees all the way straight. holding.

I also like to shift side to side. kind of dig into that muscle a little. bit. you want to be intense but not painful. like i said earlier. slowly as time progresses sink a little. bit closer to the floor if you can. this is great for the hamstrings and the. adductor muscles. if you're trying to do your middle. splits this is probably the best stretch. because if you think about it at the. highest level your pancake stretch in. your splits are the same stretch. go ahead and lift yourself out of it. shake those legs out. now this next one is actually my. favorite stretch it is the figure four. stretch. all you're going to do is lay down on. the ground just like so. cross one ankle over the knee and if you. already feel the stretch down there just. hold it right there but if you'd like to. deepen it you're just going to grab this.

Leg and hold it right here now instead. of pulling it all the way into your. chest like this what you're going to do. is hold the tension and focus on. bringing your tailbone. down to the floor holding and breathing. this is a piriformis stretch or figure. four stretch it's great for your low. back if you have sciatica this is a must. it's also great for these hips. if you're focusing on getting your deep. squat this will also help with that. and five. four. three. two. one great job going switch sides other. ankle over again. leave it here if you feel that stretch. but if not go ahead and. grab and hold. breathing deeply. you may notice that one side is tighter. than the other that's totally normal. if you'd like to fix that don't pull it. tighter on the tighter side just hold it. for around 10 seconds longer after the.

Video is over. and five. four. three. two. one release those legs go and shake. those legs out a little bit let that. tension release. and go and sit your way up next up we're. doing a lat stretch all you're going to. do is go into all fours just like this. and you're going to sink your chest down. toward the floor and you may have to. lift your head up out of the way. and for some people it feels more. comfortable to have the thumbs up toward. the ceiling. um i in fact recommend this variation so. do it like that. sink the chest down toward the floor and. feel that stretch the goal is to feel it. at the back side of that armpit. breathing deeply. this is another area of the body. that is almost always tight because we. almost never use our lats in a full. range of motion in everyday life. we're about halfway through i'm going to.

Do a different variation clasp the hands. lift them up above the head. sink down further toward the floor if. you can. five. four. three. two. one go ahead and lift yourself up out of. that stretch. and great job. this is one of my favorite stretch we're. going to do a sideways stretch for the. spine lift one arm up and stretch it. over to the side just like this and hold. now make sure that you're not lifting up. one side of your hips you want both of. your hip bones down on the ground. and just pause there and feel that. stretch. for some people this is very intense. for some people it's kind of easy it's. soso. as the time progresses you may find that. you'll be able to sink a little bit. deeper into it without your hip lifting. only go as far as you can. five. four. three. two. one lift yourself up other side. stretch up and over again don't let the.

Hip lift up keep it down on the ground. and feel that stretch. you almost want to think of it arcing. from your pinky all the way down to that. sitting bone or your hip bone over there. letting that stretch deepen as the time. progresses. and five. four. three. two. one lift yourself up i have one more. bonus stretch left i always do this as. an active stretch and twist to the side. and hold. three. two. one and back and other side hold. three. two one and back and just sway a little. side to side. let that tension release from the body. and you should be ready to go if you're. really focused on gaining flexibility i. actually recommend holding each one of. those stretches for a total of a minute. and 30 seconds to two minutes but doing. each stretch for two minutes is really. boring don't recommend that. so i break it up into sets.

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