30.04.2024 What the Gambling Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know | Informer

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Gambling is used extensively all over. the world to launder money. if i was to estimate based on the amount. of accounts i've seen of that nature it. would have to be millions and millions. of dollars that it laundered every year. it's just a scam the fact that nobody. can win we only want losing customers. that's it it was just and they. know what advertising works what. algorithm works they know how to. maximize their profit which is to get. people to lose more and more it is just. rotten to the call. i was a customer account supervisor at. one of the biggest gambling companies in. the world. with 21st century technology the punter. doesn't really know what's going on and. behind the scenes there's all this maths. going on that analyzes your betting and. ensures the company wins it will always. win. customers would be.

Categorized based on their profitability. so if a customer lost millions of. dollars they would be labeled a vip and. only the best staff would talk to them. but if you were a problem customer that. meant that you were winning money so. you'd be labelled with a big budge that. said that you're a problem and that. needs to be dealt with. the risk rating is done by an algorithm. it's just how much they've lost against. whatever other metrics the companies. decided the risk rating. essentially turns off winners and stops. them from betting and cranks up the dial. for anybody that's losing so they can. lose more and more and more money it's. actually a design feature to ensure that. those that lose are allowed to lose more. so if a customer says something that. could indicate they've got a problem. with gambling you would just have to go.

Through a series of questions and just. tick tick tick tick tick tick that was. it. suicide calls were to be dealt with by. only a senior manager but i had a. manager tell me that they just had to. make a decision based on the threat and. stick to it and that it didn't matter. once they hung off the phone because. they didn't know whether or not they. followed through with their threat or. not so that it didn't really matter. that's probably still the worst thing. i've ever heard anybody say because you. don't know whether or not they killed. themselves or not it didn't matter. it's an industry known thing gambling is. used extensively all over the world to. launder money the company would treat. customers different depending on what. country they were from if there was a. whole heap of customers in england sign.

Up with similar details that would be a. suspected syndicate of people trying to. get one up on the company i raised. things of a similar nature in countries. in south america and all of those. accounts were waved through and that. happened multiple times. when you get 20 individuals join off. within a space of 20 minutes or with. matching email addresses and account. numbers it's quite obvious that's a. systemic tactic. if i was to estimate based on the amount. of accounts i've seen of that nature it. would have to be millions and millions. of dollars that it laundered every year. and that's just that company alone. when you realize that the company. doesn't care about people makes you feel. appalled and sort of disgusted within. yourself because you know that your. helping a company harm people and. virtually deliberately harm people.

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