30.04.2024 Who Just Won Big at Chumba Casino's Sweet Bonanza? Find Out Now! Part 2

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Hey my friends welcome back to part two. of Sweet Bonanza the new release game on. chumba Casino. well hello everyone welcome to Tammy. sweet tea slots Tammy here and I'm back. with another fun video but before we get. into the video just very quick. um I've helped hundreds of people win at. General casino and I would love to help. you too so if that's something you're. interested in please go ahead and click. that subscribe button also hit the Bell. icon to get notified when I upload new. videos okay so this is where we left off. at uh yesterday in yesterday's video. we're at 2 34 81 and. this video will conclude today this will. be the complete video of what happened. when I played this game. um I'll tell you what soy Bonanza. um I hope you guys try it I know shamba. shut up blooper. um Champa actually. didn't have this up this morning when I.

Went on to play. um I went to go check and I don't know. if they're having problems with the. gaming. that's why I hit so high I'm not sure. but. regardless that's what happened. um. I know is there was a lot of games. that I couldn't play this morning when I. went on so. I was like I wonder if they're having. difficulties with the games. so I don't know who knows but. um. regardless I hope all you guys are doing. good today I hope you're enjoying the. video once again I just want to remind. you guys to please give me that Thumbs. Up Hit That Thumbs Up Button if you like. the video please I know this bonus round. wasn't so great but um it gets way. better than that as you'll see in a few. minutes and. um. I just kept going with it I wasn't gonna. go under a certain amount. I think it was 230 I said it wasn't. going to go under which I did go under I.

Think a few times but it paid off in the end really paid off in the end as you'll see um I just kept going for it and going for it and uh yeah it worked out great it really did um in the background I don't know if you guys are hearing that if not I just realized it was on while I was doing my voice over sorry um these winds I just even watching it back again I get excited I wanted to play today but I said I can't play until after I've been edited out videos so I'm working on the editing right now because I've got it up for you so I just said heck with it I'm just gonna go ahead and work on it okay so we're at 239 68.

And we're gonna keep going and going and. going. and it just keeps getting better as you. guys will see the bananas and. watermelons. they just keep falling. the only thing you want you want them. for Lollipops because those are all the. tops. they feel so nice. so nice and all I could think of it. yesterday was I'd like to hit like this. on the 25 cents and what would happen if. I could hit it on the Bell or something. oh. so then I started fishing around with. the 50 cents and the dollars 25 I think. it is spent and um. I found out. I found out what it could do when I hit. on the larger amounts. just hang in there until we get into the. larger page. a little bit more. I want to show you guys the whole video. so we've seen from the beginning to end. um. I don't know how many of you guys. actually watch beginning to end I know a.

Few a few. um. of my subscribers don't care how long. the video is they watch the whole thing. from beginning to end because they're. curious on the game and when you want to. learn the game you have to watch it. watch when you play watch find out all. you can about it so. but if you're watching from beginning to. end I put it up for the people I do want. to see it from beginning to end and how. it hits and things of that nature as you. can see I went up to 50 cents to spent. now and it is going to. go higher. so we're at 23506 now we're looking for. those four lollipops it's what we're. looking for. one. oh look at all those grapes. come on watermelons. we're gonna keep going look at the. bananas. keep going and if you notice I'm playing. in the right hand corner of that square. that's where I'm pressing I'm floating.

In between the middle and the right hand. corner and you'll see what happens when. I get in the middle and see what happens. when I hit my right hand corner. those were the sweet spots so that's. where I stayed mostly I fished around to. find out what works but as you'll see. and even with the new games. you can kind of Target in our The Sweet. Spot is for heading I've even done it. with a cell phone playing on the cell. phone and. um trying to be as precise as you can. with where you hit it. it's really hard but with the cell phone. and desktop it's much easier but. um you see me going back to that right. corner. popping around hopping around. and if you've seen my tips and tricks. video I tell you guys about the sweet. spots and where to push and how to find. out where it's hitting for you. check out those videos.

Um. yeah. but. every little tip. every little trick. even if it doesn't work it's worth. investigating I found out. because now I'm up to a dollar 25 a. spend so keep watching because this is. where it gets really good and I mean. really good guys so keep watching. um. yeah so we're at 226 17 to 25 17 times. and we're looking for Lollipops once. again I'm looking for them lollipops to. hit. but on the tips and tricks even though. even if you try them. a time or two and they don't work keep. trying them because I'll tell you what. here's a tip from me to use that I. haven't shared they will work about it. they don't work first or second time. wrong I mean try it yourself. try it for yourself do you have a sweet. spot does it hit more when you're. hitting here or when you're hitting here. those things matter I don't care what.

Anybody says. they matter in this game it does work. so. like I said try it for yourself. if you can't figure it out the first. couple of times you keep trying you will. figure it out. come on baby. come on. we're looking for the four lollipops. that's what we're looking for. um. we're at 2 24 77 to 23.. come on give us those. lollipops are amazing. especially. on this game or they were to me anyway. I hope there are you guys too. I hope there is 50 as they were to me. I really do. um. there's one. all right. now at 209. just hold your hands. you think it's going down and I was. thinking the same thing. it's time to get out maybe this is it. maybe it's over. it's not gonna hit for me. Something Told me just keep going. keep going. don't give up yet and I did. you see I'm staying in the middle. stay in the course. grapes. looking for them lollipops.

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