30.04.2024 Win BIG with Chumba Casino's Sweet Bonanza and Sweet Bonus!

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Today's video I'm playing one of my new favorite games sweet Bonanza let's check hello my friends it's Tammy and I'm back with another fun video but before we get into the video just real quick you guys already know I've helped hundreds of people in German casino and I would love to help you too so if that's something you're interested in please go ahead and click that subscribe button also the Bell icon so you never miss out on new videos so in today's video we're doing um a bonus round video of Sweet Bonanza now I actually you know I've had some luck if you watched my prior videos um on this game this year I really really enjoy this game and uh I just wanted to share with you some hits now I was playing the 25 cents it's been um I didn't have too much luck so I went up to 1.25.

And I hit the bonus round first spin on. a dollar 25. so check this bonus round. out it's really cool I love the bonus. round on this because of the multipliers. that fall down. um you can add up some money quickly. plan this bonus so check this out. oh I love playing this bonus round oh my. goodness. let's see how the multipliers fall. I love it. nice. nice. that's what I mean 73 and just. you know seconds because those. multipliers add up and they have big. multipliers too like. crazy. if you get lucky if they're going so. it's really really good. but I just want to share as just a quick. video today just wanted to share this. bonus round I will have some more videos. coming up. um but if you like this video make sure. you give me that thumbs up I ask all the. time because I don't get too many thumbs. up and I'm trying to get my videos out.

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