30.04.2024 Windows 11 Major Annual Update 2023 - Biggest Changes (23H2)

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The new Windows 11 23H2 update just dropped,  and while I do have some new stuff to show you,  . you should be aware that this  is basically just an enablement  . package of a bunch of features that were  added in the previous update in September,  . which was pretty big, but not all  those features were enabled by default.. So if you saw my previous video about all  those features, those are the main ones.  . I do have some stuff that I'm going to show you  that I wasn't able to before, but just be aware  . there's not really too much new from there, but  you can watch that afterwards if you haven't seen  . that yet. In any case, this update is going to be  rolling out, but if you want to get it right now,  . you can go into the settings and then Windows  Update, and then be sure to check "Get the latest.

Updates as soon as they're available," and then  check for updates and install whatever is there. And you'll know when you have it because you  can go into the Start menu and type in "winver",   like "Windows Version", and it should say  23H2, and then you'll know. All right,   so first here are some really cool features that  I'm excited about that I was able to talk about,   but not actually show you in the previous video  because that update had not rolled out to me. The first being an improvement to  the Snipping Tool. So you might   already know that it's had the video  recording feature for a little while,   but now once you select a region to  record the video, you'll have an option   to add recording of the system audio and the  microphone. You have an option to either mute   or enable the recording of both of those  and choose the microphone specifically.

You can also go into the settings and choose  whether recording the system and microphone   will be enabled by default, or if you just  want to enable it each time. All right,   next up, we have a feature in Microsoft Paint  that again, I didn't have before but now I do,   and that is CoCreator or AI image  generation built right into Microsoft Paint. The first time you click this little icon to  enable it, it will probably pop up a little   tutorial thing, giving a little bit of an  explanation. And then you simply type in a   prompt for what you want it to generate.  You can also choose a style if you want,   one of several, such as photographic  or pixel art, or just none.

Then once you click to generate it,  it will generate a few options and  . it will show up on the left  side as you click each one,  . but you can also save the generations directly  by simply clicking the down arrow and hitting  . save image from here. So it's not like you  have to put it on the canvas and then save it.. I should point out that this one does not  use the latest DALLE 3 model like the Bing  . online image generator does, which is  also free. It seems to use the model,  . which has been basically called DALLE 2.5.  It's better than the original DALLE 2,  . but not as good as DALLE 3. For example, it can't  really do text. If we type in a prompt such as,  . "A smiling person holding a sign  that says, wow this is a cool sign.". And then we have it generate some  examples and not exactly what I.

Had in mind. So the faces are weird.  You can see it can't do text. But if   we then go into the Bing image generator,  which uses DALLE 3 with the same prompt,   you can see that it's way better. It still  messes up some words, but it's mostly right. And the faces look fine. If  you have it generate enough,   it'll make ones that are fully correct with  the text. And it's also a lot better if it's   only a couple words versus what I put. Still  very cool though. I'm sure they're going to   update it eventually. They might just  want to get overwhelmed with so   many Windows users using the new latest one,  which probably takes more computing power.

All right, now on to some new features in  23H2 that I don't believe I mentioned in   the previous one. The first being a new System  Components app menu that separates out system   apps versus installed apps. You can get to  this from the bottom of the installed apps   list or also through the system menu.  And you can see there's a few here. For some reason, some that I've seen in  other people's lists don't show up in mine,   such as Notepad. Not really sure why that  is. Maybe it's because I use the one that's   updated from the Microsoft store, not sure.  So that's one thing I'd be curious about. Let   me know down in the comments if you guys  see the same list or maybe you have more.

Another thing though, also in the Start Menu  "All Apps" list, you'll now see a "System"   tag beneath those same apps, I believe. So  same idea. Probably just to give people who   aren't super familiar with Windows an idea  of which ones came preinstalled and which   ones might have been installed via, I don't  know, like bloatware or stuff like that. Another little update, there's more  languages now supported in the live   captions feature. Off the top of my head,  I remember there's Chinese, German, French,   I believe. So you might be able to use that  feature now depending on where you live. Now next,   originally Windows was supposed to  get the new 3D emojis in this update.

And I had them for a while, but apparently  they went away again. I think apparently   there was some kind of font rendering bug. So  that might come back. I know I had it before,   but just be aware of that. You're  supposed to get it eventually. Next,   a bit of a more advanced feature are Dev  Drives. So you can get to this a couple places,   such as going to System and then "For  Developers and then "Create a Dev Drive." Though this might only be certain editions  like Pro and up, might not be in Home. I'm   not super familiar honestly, with how  Dev Drives work. Apparently it lets you   create a volume that is specifically for  development workloads and it's somehow   optimized for that case. So if you are  a developer, maybe read more up on that.

I know it has something to do with the new  ReFS, Resilient File System that Windows has   in like Pro for workstations, but  it's not by default yet. Finally,   Windows will be replacing that Chat icon that was  in the taskbar with Microsoft Teams Free Edition,   which I believe was already included with Windows. But now that's just going to be the default  thing for chat. I'm not super familiar with   it. I've never used it, but if you see it  go away, that's why. So yeah like I said,   mostly minor stuff. If you want to see the real  big main changes that might have been enabled   with this update, then go and watch my previous  video where I talked about all those features.

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