30.04.2024 xQc casually winning $6,000,000 on

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Stand up actually just stay I'm gonna. stand up I have to the dopamines is. going through me come on . come on . drop it drop it drop it. hold up oh my God hold on it's very nice. it's really nice Chesapeake nice spins. look it up. the board is jacked up. we're getting them too you have rights. hit. um I don't know. keep going keep going baby. just keep building keep building keep. building. okay. nice oh my god dude that's built up so. much. that built like crazy. over here. don't be a . 128 up there as well . come on. nice come on. with the boys. it needs to connect one here. not bad ah. it's so fun right there come on. big. boom Oh. my god. let's go dude. yeah the screen's crazy. almost anywhere. oh you've seen this oh. what. wow. oh holy oh my God I can't believe. you guys. oh that's crazy as well. bro brother. dude this is actually claim day.

Oh my God. balance bro. look at your balance like actually look. at the number like for real what the. get hit. that's nice. actually I have like so much room now. oh wow okay. Jesus loose. wow Scrolls. dude greens oh my God. do Scrolls. oh my God. that's a good ass head. Jesus Christ. incense. uh no seals is the best quality I think. I'm lucky. bad calls. I know Plaza that's crazy. super nice real two already. it's collected. oh nice oh nice. they're showing up alone. oh holy . we have a lot of spit. we need some hands now hello. holy . just bang for up the guy that made this. dragon heads down. yeah. this is all pay. big multis big multis. oh that was a multi. oh what the . I need some chess I need some chests now. thank you. chests. did you. hey good though and they made one. of my 24K dragon. oh oh my God. oh that's boom. okay.

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