30.04.2024 ZEE - GOD DID ft. EGR (DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne Remix)

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Foreign. eating what up. what up did my squad did Christ broke. every bondage you come at me I pinch it. back to EG for the option kmf the only. team you'll ever see me side with gotta. run with soldiers cause the kingdom. suffers violence preach it till my. eyelids close I'm out here trying with. souls go telling my damn foe when the. pressure came I was smoking that Mary. Jane Christ came and broke Every Chain. that's the name above every name save my. soul give them everything now I saw. Jesus to the death of me get up on the. mic and that's when you gonna see. aggressive me catch me in my prayer. closet you gonna see the desperate me. playing for the Holy Spirit Go and Kill. The Flesh in me. Maybach Music. not it's more like I found my way back. music. I ain't doing God did it so don't look. at me he the one that cut the strings.

And ended all the puppetry stuck in sin. couldn't help myself I left it up to him. cause truth be told I'll probably still. be bound if it was up to me can't use. the word luckily it's all cause of his. love for me ashamed of all my nakedness. he shed his blood to cover me. condemnation free but I can't say it. don't get tough for me you ain't gotta. like me but just love me bro you stuck. with me I made a prayer list of every. shot you ever took of me built the house. with every single rock you ever chucked. at me Christ is my Foundation that's as. firm as it get I'm out here trying to. earn a crown y'all trying to earn some. respect huh. it's way bigger than rap my boy got his. salvation it don't get bigger than that. they didn't anything that we will. it's our God. Big Oil. big moves. my family my pastor did my Grands did.

Try and track my every move you boys. don't got the bandwidth the fear of God. and Holiness is clear where we standing. kmf the team that got the favor in the. famine I ain't even bragging uh I'm. truthful couldn't hate on you if I want. it Brody I'm too ill spiritual sniper. yeah I'm safe but I shoot still singing. in my trial like the who's didn't. Whoville huh who is who who is Wayne. forget your gold in your chain every. knee will Bow Low to the K every tongue. will confess Jesus Christ is the Lord. double ledge on my hip dog I'm nice with. this sword it is a legendary movement. you ain't stopping me I took careless. beating treated like Monopoly without. saying his demons missed when they shot. at me five years of opiate addiction now. I'm walking free text from my brother. Brian feel like I'm a Timothy I give.

Them heavenary City that they sending me. we deserve that Jesus Christ took the. penalty call upon his name and he gonna. bang on the enemy up I make that war. music Let the line Roar music I could. take a message make a message let the. Lord use it last day Remnant my past. ways ended I ain't had nothing to offer. just the heart that was repented they. said that you'll be saved if you said it. and you meant it I watched every demon. tremble let the whisper in the mention. of his name my God breaks chains Christ. made purpose in the middle of my pain. and this only by his grace. yeah. he's lying on the way he blessed me big. snakes keep ing me and EG hardest in the. game punch me Mexican uh I can't lie. some days I'm living by the flesh again. gotta start trying to impress and get. depressing it my Treasure's up in heaven.

That's my residence you chase money. you'll be dead is all those presidents. you got the Holy Spirit brother should. be evidenced I feel like Stephen makes. my coffee with some peppermint waiting. on my phone but my second win got a. second when my fam gotta be the first. Ministry on Shepherd enough. most definitely preaching to the ones. that feel like I gotta let it breathe. God remember me if Jesus hadn't stepped. in it would have been the death of me. moving effectively salvation free but. anointing is sold separately Josh pulled. up Joe pulled up did my big brother. preach the word at the lunch assembly. how much is too much I thought you knew. us took a month off with the father I. got my tuna they just get darker cause. he really coming soon bruh everybody. panicked but this ain't sing Hallelujah. EG wanted me on Cemetery made it up to.

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