Why You Should Lie to Your Subconscious Mind

your subconscious mindYour Subconscious Mind


Crazy title, I know.  So why should you lie to your subconscious mind?

Personally, this topic hits close to my heart as a parent, husband and a son.  So much of what we say to one another, and to ourself, gets captured in our subconscious mind unknown to us.

I could write an entire book on how my BIGGEST challenge in becoming successful had to do with programming my subconscious mind. I’ll save the details for another blog but we’ll just say I had a LOT of “re-wiring” to do.

In a recent blog on the Top 20 Self Help Books of All Time, I recommend the book, “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self”, by Shad Helmstetter.   I’m actually re-reading the book for the third time along with a mastermind group I meet with every week.  I’ve read a ton of books on this topic and this book seems to be the most concise, and precise, writing on the science of how your subconscious mind affects your life.

In addition, a new perspective of why we are the way we are has been introduced by some cutting edge molecular biologists like Dr Bruce Lipton. Bear with me here since this sounds kind of heavy at first…

The findings are very insightful! He says that your genes are controlled and manipulated by how your subconscious mind sees and interprets your environment. These new findings are great news because it means that you can change many things about the way you are, including your health, by changing how you interpret events and situations which happen to you.

For example Dr Lipton shows that if you interpret things via your subconscious mind in a positive way, you start living a healthier and better quality life, regardless of the genetic makeup you started with.  A new attitude, positive or negative, sends new messages to the cells in your body and can actually reprogram their health and behavior.  It can even change cellular structure, turning diseased cells into healthy cells.

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I love this because “old science” would say the mind and body exist separately where this new science tells us that the mind can, in fact, influence the health of the body.  So this can be good or bad news, right?  It all depends on what your subconscious mind is feeding your body. 

Are you a glass is half full or half empty kind of person?  If you’re one of the half empty types, then you could actually be damaging your cells and making them susceptible to disease.  However, for those of you who are half full types, this is great news…  You’re subconscious mind is affecting your health positively.

So Why Should You Lie to Your Subconscious Mind?

Your subconscious mind cannot move outside its fixed programs – it automatically reacts to situations with it’s stored responses. AND (here’s the rub), your subconscious mind works without the knowledge or control of the conscious mind. This is why you are usually unaware of your behavior.

And it seems your subconscious mind is running us on its automatic pilot mode, 95% of the time!

The scientists show that most of your decisions, actions, emotions and behavior depend on the brain activity that is beyond your conscious awareness, which means that 95 – 99% of your life comes from the programming in your subconscious mind. 


You’re making decisions based on things/events/experiences from your past that are stored in your subconscious mind… and you don’t even know it!

So, your life reflects your subconscious programming. This is because the job of the subconscious is to make sense out of it’s program by turning it into “reality”.  Therefore,  if you have negative programming in your subconscious, Dr Lipton says 95% of the time you will recreate those negative experiences in your life. And sadly, most of the programs our subconscious mind runs are based in negativity – for example fear of what other people are thinking about us, fear of not being loved and respected as we are, etc…

But this can change with some concentrated effort, especially now that you are aware of the power your subconscious mind has on how you live your life and make daily decisions, right?

How do you change your subconscious programming?

Lipton suggests meditation, hypnotherapy or other reprogramming approaches. Personally, I’m not much of a “meditation” kind of guy (maybe one day) and most hypnotherapists need to be re-programmed a thousand times more than most of their clients.  No offense, of course, if you’re a hypnotherapist. :)

Here’s my advice… you change your subconscious programming by LYING to it.

You see, every mental thought and spoken word programs your subconscious mind. When you tell yourself “I’m such an idiot!”, that literally programs your subconscious to make you even MORE of an idiot.

If every word and thought programs your subconscious, as the science seems to prove, don’t you think it’s important to start programming yourself with positive statements about yourself?

I’m not a fan of the “fake it till you make it” mentality. I don’t advise you telling anyone else anything that is not 100% true. But I DO advise you to tell yourself lies about who you want to become as if they already are true.

Becoming a millionaire was really not all that hard. The biggest challenge was believing it could happen to me.

Thankfully I started studying subconscious programming at age 21 and began to understand the power of your subconscious mind and how it creates your success or failure. And because of that understanding, I began repeating what I wanted to become true about myself as it were, in fact, already true.

I told myself I was a millionaire thousands of times before I ever produced the results!

Here’s my homework for you to begin re-programming your subconscious mind:

1.  Read What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter

2. Start becoming consciously aware of when you say or think negative thoughts about yourself. When you do, reverse that thought or words to something positive.

3. Begin creating a list of affirmations and read them aloud to yourself every day. (Ex: “I’m a multi-millionaire”, “I’m a genius and I apply my knowledge”, “I have an amazing ability to remember names”)

Keep your eyes out for a new blog on daily affirmations.  I know a lot of people talk about the power of affirmations but very few do them correctly.  I’ll give you some tips that will help you re-program your subconscious mind.

Until then, make life an adventure!

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  • Kim

    Love this! I’m going to read, another book you’ve suggested, What to Say When You Talk to Your Self. I’m also going to print more than one copy of this blog. I’m going to put it in a few different places to remind myself of so many of the words you just wrote. You are such an inspiration!

    • matthewdmorris

      Thanks Kim! Great idea printing out the post!

  • Edward

    Matt…you’ve simply made ‘clear’ clearer for me again today. Often we know, or think we know, the workings of our inner minds, but if you don’t read the instructions, it’s hard to realize that sometimes we merely need to just plug the cord back in the wall to make things work. Thanks for the road map back to the socket… Edward

    • matthewdmorris

      Hey Edward, glad to provide some clarity! The mind does tend to get dirty, doesn’t it. (that didn’t sound right) LOL

  • Anna

    Thanks Matt. This is so true. Have read a book called The Power of the Subconscious Mind. So full of insight. Will get hold of the book you are suggesting & will read it & do it. The title of the book reminds of Proverbs 18:20-21. Your blogs are of much help to me in my growth. Thanks.

    • matthewdmorris

      The power of the subconscious mind is an oldie but goodie. It’s been years since I’ve read it. Thanks for the reminder – I might go back and re-read it.

      Appreciate your comment!

  • Sean Sturrock

    Totally awesome Matt. I’m so fired up about this study were doing on this book. I have read all 8 chapter to my wife and kids and will read the rest with them until we finish. I’m Jacked Sideways! lol

    • matthewdmorris

      A truly great leader is a leader of his family first. That, my friend, you are!
      Appreciate you!

  • Faye Garrett

    To a degree, I’ve already been trying to change my negative thinking to positive. I haven’t gone as far as lying to myself( I’m a millionaire, etc.) but I do speak out some of good qualities, abilities or gifts when I think or say something negative about myself. It does improve my day!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.walen Andrea Feldman Walen

    Always great stuff! Thanks for the tip. I just ordered the book. Hey, I would truly LOVE to be a fly on the wall at that Mastermind group … unless you’re accepting new up-and-coming millionaires, that is! 😉

  • Aniruddha


  • Emma

    Thanks Matt, I looooved that piece. I’m on it! Wrote down my list of affirmations! Very excited;-)

    • matthewdmorris

      Hey Emma, very good! Thanks for commenting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/KateGladstone Kate Gladstone

    When my subconscious finds out I’ve lied to it, my subconscious makes sure I suffer for that: just as anyone else would, who caught me out in a lie. Advice?

    • matthewdmorris

      Do you have any science backing up that claim?

      • Mike

        Kate, first thing is, we barely even have a grasp of the subconscious and we experience the world via consciousness MOST of the time. What scientists have learned (or at least they think they’ve learned) is that The subconscious mind is a like a big memory bank that stores your beliefs, memories, and life experiences. And it feeds your conscious experience with that data that we accumulate over our lifetimes which in turn affects our behaviors and actions. You cannot simply “lie” to it knowing it’s an out and out lie. The trick is to replace stuff that is un-serving to your goals with stuff that IS serving to your goals. The hard part with that is, you are driven by what ever is in their already so that’s the platform you use to create the stuff you attempt to replace it with making it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to create change without replacing the stuff that is already in there by adding NEW stuff. People like Matt have spent years of their lives doing just that, ultimately re-shaping their beliefs, creating new memories through living, and taking new actions inspired by the new stuff. When he says “lie” to it via affirmations, I think you can just twist the words a tad to say, tell it a NEW truth. A truth that ignites a vision inside your mind powerful enough to create enough emotional energy, either pain based or pleasure based, that drive you into NEW actions. And it’s through taking these new actions that you create new memories and experience which in turn give you no other choice to form new beliefs. And it starts a reactive effect that starts to expand your vision so big that it consumes your life. Where 6 months ago, you may have been using the old stuff to create your life (giving you no new resources to create anything different) and today you are using new stuff that at first, are just delicate little seedlings that you MUST nurture and care for. If we go off what science does know about it, and add a simple twist on words to say “tell it a new truth”, you can clearly see what Matt was saying is really the ONLY way to create not just change, but real and lasting transformation. Don’t look at it as “lying”, look at it as creating a new truth… That way you won’t feel like you are betraying what I assume is one of your core values of honesty leaving your mind no choice but to “punish” you for betraying that value… :-)

  • ian wright

    Absoultely perfect,Matt…In 1989,When i was paralysed after breaking my neck,and being told by “Professors” that i would “never walk again,never have children,and the best i could hope for, is to learn to paint with your mouth”… a friend took me to an OSTEOPATH,who fixed me,and i subsequently went to University and became the Osteopath i am today,fully functioning,and father of 3 children :)
    I used the POWER of my SUBCONSCIOUS MIND,after reading Joseph Murphy (1898-1981), multi-million selling author of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.
    While i was totally paralysed, I used to imagine a TV screen between my eyes,and play on the screen images of myself doing things i wanted to do,like scuba diving with dolphins,and riding bikes up hills,etc… i have achieved all of those things i visualised!!

    I now enjoy treating other paralysed people,helping them have hope,and get their functioning back….

    I have just joined Worldventures,in the hope i can build a residual income,
    so i am no longer dependant on my patients for my income,

    which will free me up to Open a FREE clinic for all those who are suffering unneccessarily in wheelchairs….

    Thankyou so much for all your great advice, sharing and generosity of spirit…

    Congratulations to you and to all your family,on your beautiful new son,and cherish every moment 😀

    kind regards,
    ian :)

    PS its been 24 yrs since those professors,and i STILL CANNOT PAINT with MY MOUTH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D:D:D:D

    THankGod i didnt let THEM LIE to MY subconscious mind!

    Auto-suggestion works both ways… :)

    • Anna Kabana

      Ian thank you so much for sharing this. What an inspirational life you are leading. I think I will be rereading both this article and your post for some time to come. Wowsers. Thanks again!

    • MAHI

      so subconcious mind really works

  • Ricki & Ricky Arroyo

    Hi Matt,
    I Love This!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH MATT !!! What you give all of us is a gift!!! We are blessed to have you as a mentor in our lives!!!
    I love learning about human behavior. Could you please suggest your favorites?
    Gratefully yours ,
    Ricki & Ricky

    P.S. Our best to you, Rhonda and your 3 beautiful gifts from God!!!

    • matthewdmorris

      Hi Ricki & Ricky, Thanks so much!

      I’m not sure what you’re asking my favorite of?

  • Julius

    Dear Matt, I read both your email note and blog post , and I must affirm that they not only insightful but practical. The subconcious is inextricable from the total outcome of our being. When a person is encountering manufacturers problems but refuses to quit the way to realization of the dream and vision they are then innately wired to think and act positively, or rather optimistically. The opposite happens if someone says they want to go Harvard but never really believes it is possible .

  • Hal Partenheimer

    Bruce H. Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief” centers on the new science of epigenetics which states that gene behavior is controlled by environmental influences, such as what you consciously think about – not the other way around, as has been the accepted norm for decades. He does get somewhat technical in breaking down the brain/subconscious interaction but generally the book is written for the lay person. Very good read! BTW, Lipton’s personal story about how he came to the field of epigenetics is most interesting too.

    • matthewdmorris

      Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

      Matt Morris

      Sent from my wireless device.

  • Jerold Rivera

    Great description. I wrote something about the same thing. Check it out.


  • mahi raj

    hai matt,i am 20 now…and am like hopless in my life…my family is a middleclass family,i am not a bully type guy but i am bullied always,…my college life is a living nightmare,i lost my love and i really really want her to come back………….all of a sudden i heard abt subconcious mind and its powers…..i think its my new hope do u think it can solve my problems……???

  • Cindy

    Thank you so much for this seriously, i’m only 17 but I’ve been reading, learning and studying a lot about the subconscious mind and stuff. I feel lucky that I got all this info at such a young age. so now i’m going to chase my dreams and keep going forward :) x

  • Carmen Nuzzo

    Thanks Matt for your post. I myself TRULY believe that our reality is created by our thoughts and beliefs which the subconscious picks up. You should pay attention to all your thoughts and when it is a negative one turn it into positive. For example: NEGATIVE: I can’t do it (whatever it is you want to do) . . . change it to . . . POSITIVE: I CAN DO IT! Repeat the positive thoughts constantly, your subconscious will pick it up and manifest it into reality. In turn YOU WOULD HAVE ACCOMPLISHED what initially you thought you couldn’t do.

    There is a program called Quanta that really helps you understand the power of your mind and gives you techniques to change the way you think and believe. It’s really powerful . . . if you have time and want to change your reality then you need to check it out:


  • MJ

    Wow do you think this could help to cure chronic pain? what if I tell myself daily, I feel well today?

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