Motivational Monday #66

When you can watch something that makes you laugh, gets you thinking, helps you understand, and touches you, you know its a winner! 😉

In todays Motivational Monday I stumbled upon a great video with a great message that did just that. It made me laugh, made me think, and made me understand some things and I knew I wanted to share it with you too.

What’s interesting about it is it’s pretty hard core academic style research that leads to a very nonacademic conclusion and sums up something so simple yet profound it can change your life today!

A great concept she talks about in the video is “People being willing to let go of who they think they should be in order to be who they are…”.

We hear it all the time, “an attitude of gratitude creates success”. “Doing something that brings joy to your life practically guarantees success”. “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…”

But what’s not talked about much is the vulnerability it takes to live your life that way and how what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful…

You have a major impact on other people through your actions and words and the success you experience in your life is in direct proportion to that impact.

These are very simple concepts yet also very misunderstood. Toward the end of this entertaining video Brene Brown explains this very eloquently through her years of research and experience and shines a bright light of truth on what might change the results you get from your efforts for 2012 and the rest of your life!

The core of the message is this:

Let yourself be seen
Love with your whole heart
Practice gratitude and joy
Believe that “You ARE Enough”

Enjoy and pass it along to someone you know who may need to hear this in their life right now.

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  • Scott W Kelley

    Thanks for sharing Matt. I think it is wonderful when you learn a little bit more about oneself. She really helped me discover why it feels like I am on a rollercoaster with my feelings. An eye opener. Have a wonderful day.

  • Monica

    Wow! That was so moving and inspiring and TRUE !!! Thanks for sharing this with us !!! Love,

  • Gert

    Very good!! I read a book this festive season called. “Have a new you by Friday”. I rally can recomend it. Was great discovering ME and know what makes me ‘tick’.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Abimbola

      I need to get this Book because that is where I am right now; re-discovering myself and truly knowing what makes me tick; because I tend to fall into different situations that I like doing;but I really want to know what is the one thing???

      Please Gert who is this book by and where can I purchase it from???

      Thank U.

      Mzz *B*

  • Joe Giannola

    Happy Monday…Outstanding!

  • Joe Giannola

    Happy New Year Matt and thanks for sharing. 

    Have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year to all.

    • Anonymous

      Happy New Year!

      • Rose



  • Gayleen Williams

    WOW! Thank you for you, Matt! Your email is one of the few that I ALWAYS open and ALWAYS enjoy! Thank you for sharing! I will be sharing your link with everyone I know.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Gayleen, thanks for sharing!

  • Absalom Nghifitikeko

    Matt, God bless you in this New Year.

    To me, this video is exactly what Jesus spoke of in Mark 8: 35, that “Whosoever will save his life shall lose it, but whosover shall lose his life for My sake and the gospel’s (Good News’), the same shall save it!”

    That verse speaks of the GRACE that we have in CHRIST to be ALL that GOD HAS CALLED TO BE: IN HIM! IN HIM we are ENOUGH! The lives that we live in CHrist are gifts from GOD! And out of that heart, we live to love others with the same GRACE we have received! “Love your neighbour as yourself!”- Mark 12: 31

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Cichristo

    this has been a life changing video, thank you for sharing Matt. Keep the good work up !

    • Anonymous

      Really glad it made a difference for you. Thanks for sharing!

  • Josie Cichockyj

    Thanks for sharing .. so many key messages but most important to ‘Believe that You are Enough’ each and everyday.  Love Motivational Monday and the thought provoking messages you continue to bring into my life!

    • Anonymous


  • Abimbola

    I really love this video as it expresses being the Reel U; when U allow yourself to be vulnerable. UR more sensitive to others around U, less critical/more understanding towards others!!!

    Being accepted for who U R; not fitting into people’s expectations of what they think U should be; but if they C your potential and encourage that because U do not C~it, all well n good!!!

    It is a true reality check and very HUMBLING indeed!!!

    Thank U so much for contributing to our LIVES through the LIVES of others.

    God continually be with U n your beauTiful family.

    Mzz *B*

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