Another medication for meth addiction, ibudilast, may reduce some of the pleasurable effects of meth. There are some promising medical treatments for meth addiction currently in development. Ongoing meth use can lead to mild to severe withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking the drug. If you or a loved one are struggling with a meth addiction, The Recovery Village can help. Calls are free and confidential, so pick up the phone and start the road to recovery today. During this period, the person’s body collapses after the constant stimulation from meth, usually ending in long periods of sleep.

What to do if you think a loved one has an addiction

Addiction can occur with or without physical dependence on the drug. Using meth can cause long-term damage to the person’s health, which often persists even after the person has stopped using the drug. Since the effects of the drug start and fade quickly, people often take repeated doses in what is known as a binge and crash pattern. In fact, some people go on a “run,” which involves bingeing on the drug every few hours for several days at a time, without food or sleep. However, these signs are more common among people who report heavy meth use. People who use meth heavily are four times more likely to experience meth mouth and two times more likely to have sores or infections.

what does meth addiction look like

Openness and honesty in both your words and feelings can show them just how important they are and how much you care about them. People begin using substances for any number of complex reasons, including trauma and other emotional distress. Only your loved one can tell you about any factors that play a role in their use. Emphasize you care about them and want to offer support whenever they need it.

Understanding Meth

Your risk of overdose increases if you take a large dose of meth or mix methamphetamine with other drugs. Call your health insurer to find out if you need to go to a specific doctor meth addiction or place for addiction treatment. You’ll typically pay less out-of-pocket if you go to “in-network” providers. You can have a toxic or deadly reaction when you take too much meth.

Meth is normally used in its solid crystal or powder forms, but can be turned into a liquid for transportation. In this process, powdered meth is dissolved in water, then transported. To prepare the meth for use, the water is boiled off, leaving just the powdered form. The rest of the physical effects of using the drug are often the ones that many people think of when they imagine someone who uses meth. Often characterized by skinny or frail physiques, emaciated facial features, yellowing of the teeth, scabs on the hands and face, and empty looking eyes.

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Coming down can cause difficult emotional and physical symptoms, such as depression and insomnia. As a result, meth addiction often follows a pattern of bingeing on the drug for several days at a time, followed by a crash. Meth addiction is well known to be not only one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs but also to be one of the most mentally taxing and deteriorating addictions to struggle with as well. Meth use became a problem first in the late ’70s, with amphetamines and other stimulants making headlines as weight loss pills and drugs used by bikers. Since then, it has risen to the top of the DEA’s classified drugs list and has become a household name due to many home meth lab explosions in the news and the show Breaking Bad.