Taking Action Changes The World!

Taking Action Changes The World!

I’m not sure who’s writing some of these “commercials” lately but whoever is needs an award!

When you watch this video you see one man, doing seemingly simple things that add value to the world. You see one man taking action, changing the world.

You see simple acts of kindness, making a tiny impact in the microcosm of this mans existence. You see him following his heart and taking action on those impulses.

You also see others transform through nothing more than observing and receiving the kindness created by this one man taking action, even a simple and small action.

To some it may seem insignificant and pointless. Some people may think that you’ll never make a real difference in the world whether you move a plant, feed a stray, give a homeless person money, or help an old woman out by giving her some food.

But those same people that watch another person taking action, small and simple actions that add a small amount of value in other peoples lives, transform when they see the changes in the world taking place right in front of them from another person taking action and performing acts of kindness.

They see a stray become a friend, a mother able to send her daughter to school, an angry old street vendor with a hardened and bitter heart smile and become more giving her self, etc.

Taking action like this requires very little effort but the rewards are astronomical because you are changing the very direction of peoples lives.

And the sneaky little secret here is this, helping others around you improve the quality of their lives and increase their happiness improves the quality of your life and your happiness.

Find a way to be of service today and everyday and watch how it unfolds in your life. I can say first hand, it’s an amazing experience!

Make Life An Adventure!

Taking action

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Do Today What Others Won’t, Have Tomorrow What Others Don’t

Do Today What Others Won’t, Have Tomorrow What Others Don’t!

I’m sitting here in a little cafe in Puerto Rico. I’m about out of gas, I’m tired, I haven’t slept hardly at all in days. And just on the other side of a wall that separates me from a group of people waiting for me, I have a speaking event to do.

Staying up late, getting up early, grinding away doing meeting after meeting, call after call, event after event, and training after training. Flying all around the world to support and grow my organization.

I’ve been extremely blessed and I make and have enough money that I don’t have to work. I’m super tired. I didn’t want to get on the early flight to get here this morning and I really didn’t even want to do an early morning meeting. So why?

Why would I do this? Why would I push so hard?

First off, I love what I do! I may not always want to start but once I get going I love it!

Second, I have MUCH bigger goals.

And there’s one driving quote that keeps me going and pushing towards my goals that I want you to learn and repeat anytime you’re tired, out of gas, feeling worn out, or just want to quit.

“Do today what others won’t, have tomorrow what others don’t”.

See, you gotta always remember, do today what others won’t, have tomorrow what others don’t.

Tired? Repeat this to yourself: Do today what others won’t, have tomorrow what others don’t!

Out of gas? Repeat this to yourself: Do today what others won’t, have tomorrow what others don’t!

I think you get the point. Success ONLY comes with hard work. And hard work is just that, HARD! The illusion that success comes easy is just an illusion and I don’t know one person who is financially successful who is afraid of hard work and hasn’t worked their butt off to get there.

You can have all the motivation int he world, the best plan in the world, the best support system in the world, the best and most modern tools available to man, but if your effort is weak, you’re results will be weak as well.

You only have one life. And if want to live an amazing life full of wealth, it’s time to go to work and always remember this quote:

Do today what others won’t, have tomorrow what others don’t

Make Life An Adventure!

Do today what others won’t, have tomorrow what others don’t!

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How To Get The Best Coaching From Your Mentor

How To Get The Best Coaching From Your Mentor

Your mentor is someone you have direct contact with. In my organization over 200,000 people have joined in less than 5 years. Last week we actually had over 5,000 people join my team in one week!

Obviously, I don’t have the ability to mentor everyone directly and that’s why I do these videos. To be a mentor to my organization and if you remember form the last Unemployed Millionaire show I said, “United we stand, divided we fall” and that we all need to support each other in this industry right?

Well I also give these videos out freely to be a mentor to anyone in the network marketing industry so they have solid tools and coaching to plug into, kind of like foster mentor.

And I’ve had feedback from tons of people both within my company and outside of my company that have followed the advice I give on these videos as mentor and have achieved great results doing so.

And that’s a great thing but I’m not a direct mentor to many of the people who watch these videos and the fact that so many people have followed the advice and achieved great results is a BIG clue on what this video is about…

So here’s how you get the best coaching from a mentor you can work with directly. Someone who can take your call and work with you directly.

1. Mentors never want to hear excuses. No excuses!
2. There’s a reason they are mentoring you and not the other way around. No opinions!
3. When they recommend you do something, you do it. Do exactly what they say!
4. Replace the words “but” and “try” with “OK”. Be easy to coach!

Just follow the advice of your mentor. There’s a reason your mentor is successful and they can help you reach that level too!

Make Life An Adventure!


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Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

A lot of people spend a good chunk of their life finding their passion. And some make it to the point where they finally understand, their passion isn’t a motionless static thing. It’s not a stand alone idea. Its’ not something that can be acquired. It’s a fluid, moving, dynamic thing that is something you become rather than something you acquire.

The best advice I can give anyone who is in the act of finding their passion is this. Passion isn’t a thing you find, it’s something you become through motion and action.

The only chance you every have at finding your passion is through expressing it through action.

And these street dancers in this video give a great lesson on how to that with the primary message being, when you follow these guidelines, take action, get your butt moving towards becoming better, you find out who you are through finding your passion.

The most important thing of all in finding your passion is to have fun first and foremost. You don’t have to be perfect, even if you feel like a fish out of water while learning new skills, learn to make it fun. Smile and laugh often when taking action to find your passion.

Anytime you are finding your passion, do it to be inspired and you’ll inspire others automatically.

Surround yourself with people who have different skills and abilities than you do and push each other to expand your personal skills and breach each others boundaries individually, making the team even stronger.

Whether you’re born with your skills your you’ve refined them through hard work and dedication always stay sharp with humility and refine your skills.

Find out who you are through finding your passion. Something magical happens when you reach that point of doing something simply for the love of doing it.

Learn from mentors, leaders, teachers but strive to surpass them by making it your own.

Make Life An Adventure!

finding your passion

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How To Handle The Quitters In Network Marketing…

How To Handle The Quitters In Network Marketing…

This is something you will have to deal with. Maybe you haven’t yet but it will happen and when it does you need to know how to handle the quitters in network marketing. People that you believe are really committed are going to quit, they’re going to leave, they’re going to go to other companies.

It’s just a simple truth to this business that there will be quitters in network marketing.

They may even try to sabotage and rape and pillage the group to bring them over to the next one.

So how do you handle that? What do you do when you are faced with dealing with the quitters in network marketing?

The most important thing is that you continue to focus on what you’re doing. Continue to focus on building the way that you’re building. You don’t have to raise red flags or warn every one or any of that kind of stuff. Continue doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about the quitters in network marketing. It’s going to happen but just let them worry about that and you focus on you.

And I’m going to give you my philosophy about how to handle the quitters in network marketing. When people join your organization, you need to love on ‘em. When people leave your organization, just love on ‘em!

Love them on the way in and love them on the way out. Because here’s what happens. You build a relationship with someone who’s inside your group and you build the friendship and then all of the sudden now that they don’t share the same vision you have, they become the enemy?

Why do they have to be the enemy?

See, Richard Brooke, who is a legend in the network marketing profession, taught me something years ago which is this:

United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

If someone’s in the network marketing profession, let’s support each others, let’s not talk bad about other companies, even when they leave, even if you think it’s the wrong thing, you do the right thing which is love em on the way in an love em on the way out.

Now sometimes people want to pick a fight and talk bad about you or your company. But here’s the thing, it’s tough to pick a fight with someone who loves you.

So the best way to handle the quitters in network marketing is, even when they’re doing the wrong thing, you do the right thing. Love em on the in and love em on the way out if they go.

Make Life An Adventure!

quitters in network marketing

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How To Become a Powerful Influence

How Do You Become A Powerful Influence?

Whatever you’re doing in your life, chances are it will never hurt to become a powerful influence and a great leader.

And in order to be a great leader you MUST be a powerful influence. So what is it that makes someone a powerful influence?

First, and probably the most impactful and important aspect of being a powerful influence is becoming a great and powerful communicator.

Now, here’s the thing. A lot of people instantly find reasons why they think they can’t be a powerful communicator like, “I’m not good looking enough, I’m not big enough, I’m not qualified” etc…

Well, look at Howard Stern. He’s not going to win any super model contests anytime soon. And you want to talk about being big enough? Look at my wife Rhonda. She doesn’t have any kind of chance to win any slam dunk contest and I’m WAY bigger than her but when she speaks, it certainly commands my attention! ;-) You can always find an excuse or reason why you can or why you cannot but focusing on why you cannot gets you nowhere.

So let go of the excuses first and foremost and lets get into how you can become a powerful influence by starting with becoming a great communicator.

Virtually ever expert agrees that these numbers fall within the range of the 3 things that make a great communicator.

1. Your physiology
2. Your Tonality
3. Your Words

Your physiology counts for 55% of your influence on another person.
30% comes from your tonality.
And a mere 15% of your influence comes from the actual words you use.

So 85% of what influences people has absolutely nothing to do with the words you say. And one of my favorite talks of all time is from a guy named Glen W Turner. He was a very powerful influence to many people.

But the thing is, I could barely make out what he was saying and when I had his talk transcribed and read it, the words made no sense! The words he said did nothing for me but his energy had me sold 100%.

Becoming a powerful influence is NOT about what you say but rather about how you say and when you realize that and work on your physiology and tonality, you become infectious!

Make Life An Adventure!

powerful influence

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Opportunity Everywhere – MM 182

Opportunity Everywhere!

WOW! This is a great “feel good” video to start your week and is one of the most amazing pay it forward type pranks I’ve seen.

One thing that really stands out is that your actions and attitude create opportunity, even if you can’t see it! And that there’s opportunity everywhere.

But how do you find the it , even if there is opportunity everywhere?

This video is a perfect example. No one really knows what it will look like exactly but life will throw challenges at you. It make son difference where you’re at in life. You can be a billionaire or you can be homeless, life will always lay challenges on your path.

And these challenges are part of how you can see opportunity everywhere.

It’s those challenges that give you the choice to shape your future, sculpt your success, or accept defeat.

When you are faced with a challenge or adversity in your life, that challenge or adversity always comes prebuilt with a choice.

You can use it as a resource to create strength, growth, wisdom, improve your skills, etc or you can use it as resource to accept defeat, stop your progress, prove to your critics that they were right etc.

Either way, the choice is your but when you choose to see those things as positive resources, you will see opportunity everywhere and even if you don’t others around you will.

And the magic that happens, just like in this video, is you become attractive to the people around you and they want to help you.

All you need to do is not let the challenges stop you and look for opportunity everywhere because it’s there right now!

And when you realize this truth, it’s just awesome!

Make Life An Adventure!

opportunity everywhere

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Objections In Network Marketing

Objections in Network Marketing – I’m not cut out for this

Today’s question comes from Shyan Tham. Shyan asks:

“Would like to ask if you’ve ever encountered the objection below and if yes what would be your response be to that?

“I’ve tried out a few network marketing companies in the past but nothing seems to have worked out. Maybe I’m not cut out to do this business…” (With the assumption that it’s not his polite way of saying “no”)

That’s a great question Shyan and at it’s core, it’s actually a one of the very common objections in network marketing. As with many objections in network marketing this really boils down to them basically saying “I don’t believe I can do it”.

Some of the other objections in network marketing like “I don’t have the time” and “I don’t have the money” are used for the same reason. They don’t believe they can do it.

And a lot of times those objections in network marketing aren’t even true. But, “Maybe I’m not cut out for this” is one of the most honest objections in network marketing so here’s how I handle it.

I just be honest right back! ;-)

And you should always approach all objections in network marketing with the attitude of being of service and that you’re there to help them, not make a sale.

Watch this video, and be sure and watch the entire series of overcoming objections in network marketing:

Episode 1: How To Overcome Objections in Network Marketing
Episode 2: Framework For Overcoming Objections
Episode 3: Overcoming the, “I don’t have the money” Objection
Episode 4: Overcoming the “I want to think about it” Objection
Episode 5: Overcoming the “I want to talk to my spouse” Objection
Episode 6: Overcoming the “I don’t have time” Objection
Episode 7: Overcoming the “I’m not a sales person” Objections

Thanks for your question Shyan, be on lookAbundance For Lifeout for an email from my team with your free copy of my Abundance For Life program!


Make Life An Adventure!

objections in network marketing

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Dream Stealers – How To Handle Them The Right Way!

How Do You Handle The Dream Stealers, The Nay Sayers, The Critics, and The People Who Just Don’t Support You in Your Life?

The very first thing I want you to do is write this down, declare it to yourself every single day, declare it to the world via social media or how ever you have to and do whatever it takes to be 100% certain that you are fully aware of this truth:

People will only respect you to the level you respect yourself.

When you don’t respect yourself to stand up for your dreams in a confident and authentic way, you’re giving dream stealers all the fuel they need to dominate your self image.

Dream stealers aren’t trying to be bad people, they’re really just following your lead so once you understand that and you still allow people in your life to laugh at you, ridicule you, tell you that you can’t do it, you deserve to have it in your life.

So here’s my advice. I’ve had dream stealers in my life before, but no there are no dream stealers in my life, no one that laughs at me and if there are they are definitely not in my presence.

Because I took my own advice and I eliminated every single dream stealer in my life, and I did that way before I stared making money.

If you want to be a leader, you have to eliminate all of the negative influence in your life, all of the dream stealers gotta go!

And that doesn’t mean you have to remove people from life. Sometimes it does but not always. I remember the day I stopped allowing dream sealers in my life.

I had a friend who was always teasing me asking if I made my millions yet and up until that day, I allowed it to happen because I didn’t respect myself.

But then one day I looked him square in the face and said with every ounce of conviction I have, “Don’t ever laugh at me like that again okay”.

And he was caught a little off guard but just said, “Cool” and we continued to be friends and had a great relationship after that and he never did it again. He remained my friend but stopped being dream stealer.

The bottom line is, you’ve got to take a stand for yourself and if you can’t take a stand for yourself, don’t expect anyone else to take a stand for you.

Make Life An Adventure,

dream stealers

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Living Instead Of Existing

Living Instead of Existing

We live in an amazing time. A time where technology is constantly developing new technology and we’re advancing and evolving at record speeds.

We’re globally connected and have instant access to ideas, thoughts, stories, entertainment, and all of the data and information that travels around our planet anytime we want , need, or open ourselves up to receive it.

We have the Internet, social media, and the freedom to express our thoughts, opinions, ideas, and beliefs with each other.

But think about this… What drives all of that stuff?

It’s something more powerful than any computer… It’s internal human curiosity and passion.

It’s us, it’s me, it’s YOU! It’s people who are living instead of existing.

You are the force behind the true power of technology. Technology without the essence of humanity is worthless. We are the life force of technology and that matters for a very specific reason.

There is no greater social network than emotional human connection.

There is no greater computer than the combined mastermind of human intelligence. There is no greater or more amazing technology than being human.

Our thoughts and ideas create endless possibilities and choices to navigate through life in a way that makes it an epic adventure, if we choose it to be.

Our feelings and emotional connection to our passions and each other create more drive and inspiration than we’ll ever need in order to live the most amazing lives we can imagine.

Every step you take creates has an impact and creates a small ripple in humanity that carries far beyond you any of us will ever know. You have endless power inside of you to sculpt, create, influence, and shape your world and all you have to do is look for it.

How do you find that power? By living instead of existing. By doing the things you think about, dream about, and talk about instead of just thinking, dreaming, and talking about them.

Living instead of existing, that’s the real secret and how you get that magic and power that lives inside your human essence out of you, by expression through physical action.

You write, you talk, you draw, you sing, you play, you record, you dance, you move, you laugh, you cry, you create, you stretch yourself, and you live…

That’s how you get to know you true passion and power.

And there’s never been a more incredible time to do than today with the power of technology. You can share your ideas, your thoughts, your beliefs, your innovation, etc and within minutes millions of people can see it.

Life is a giant hunk of clay and you’re the artist. With the tools we have available to us today and the advancement in technology, the possibilities are endless.

Never forget in this massive web of technology that YOU are the artist and you possess the power to change, shape, and sculpt your world with every single action you take, you only need to take the action and start living instead of existing…

Make Life An Adventure,

living instead of existing

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