Motivational Monday #152

Would You Take The Shot?

Last week I was having lunch with a friend and he said something to me that sparked this thought.

He said, “Matt, you’ve created this amazing life full of success in your business, with financial success, your personal life, and your beautiful family. You’re just a regular ole guy but you’re also a hero and source of insane inspiration to a ton of people all around the world. You’ve been interviewed on TV, Radio, for articles, and thousands of people want your time but… You used to live in your car dude!!”

We laughed a little but it got me thinking. What if I made a different choice back then? What if I looked at the reality of the situation and saw that there was only seconds left on the game clock and I was down by double digits and I just packed it in and gave up?

Where would I be? What if I never “took the shot”?

Then I thought, you see this in sports all the time. One team is down by what seems to be far too many points with far to little time to even think about making a comeback yet, they don’t give up, EVER, until the buzzer sounds.

And sometimes you see teams that DO give up and just figure they lost, even before the game is over.

Sometimes in life it’s the same way. It seems that there is no hope of pulling out a victory so we quit trying to win.

BUT… Sometimes we NEVER quit trying, we NEVER stop putting in the effort, work, dedication, and persistence it takes to comeback from what seems like certain defeat and it’s in those times our lives are shaped.

Sometimes it comes down to a hail mary and it really doesn’t even matter if you make that shot or not, what matters is that you take it!

Because I can promise you, I’ve missed a lot more of those shots than I’ve made but the shots I did make, changed the course of my life forever!

And talking to my friend at lunch, I realized what he was telling me. I’m just a regular guy with no super special skills or talents. The skills and talents I do have today we’re developed and forged BECAUSE I took those shots.

So for this Motivational Monday, I want to encourage you to “take the shot” in your life. You might miss, you might make it, I don’t know and really, neither do you.

But here was I do know. Either way, the only way you gain anything, missing it OR making it, is by taking it. It’s taking those shots that give you the opportunity to make them and the confidence to take the next one!

I’m so grateful for my life today and I love life more than I ever thought I could. I’ve alway been a positive person and believed I’d create success in my life (or was just too stubborn to stop trying) but the journey getting to this point has blessed me with so many things I’m overflowing with gratitude.

So when I think back to the time I had no reason to believe I’d ever be in the position I’m in today and when fear and uncertainty were far more present in my life than they are today and wonder, “Where would I be if I let fear win and I never took the shot?” I don’t even want to know the answer!

And I’m not done, not even close! I’ll be taking many more shots in my life and I’m sure I’ll miss a bunch and make a few but one thing I know is, no matter what happens, as long as I’m taking shots it means I’m still in the game creating peak experiences and memories and not on the sidelines watching my life pass me by.

And this video is a perfect example of the message of this Motivational Monday…

If you’re struggling through some challenges right now (or when you do in the future) NEVER give up, even if you’re down by double digits with seconds left on the clock because there is ALWAYS a chance for a comeback IF you always remember the message here and TAKE YOUR SHOT!

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  • Zora

    absolutely PERFECT topic for me right now, Matt – thank you! I feel this time of year is almost a “new year”, and I am trying to treat it as such. I appreciate the extra “nudge” to keep taking those shots, because every time I do, I increase my chances of getting it through the rim, right? :-)

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