Belarus: women activists subject to threats and abuse for taking part in protests new report

Wife of the country’s leading opposition figure, a courageous journalist, and mother to a young son, she always knew that Belarus’s neo-Soviet regime was vicious. But she had not expected it to target her family for destruction in even her worst nightmares.

They have also faced ill-treatment in detention, and prison sentences resulting from unfounded criminal prosecutions. “The Vitebsk School” performed a significant position in creating the Belarusian national artwork within the early twentieth century. The best internationally identified member of the School was Marc Chagall, who was born near Vitebsk. He emigrated in 1922 and subsequently lived in France, Mexico, and the United States. Often his works depict scenes of his native Vitebsk, and Jewish life in a Belarusian town. Hospital therapy and some other medical and dental treatment is often offered with out charge.

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On the other hand, these are the moods of believers and a significant number of clergymen and even one bishop – Archbishop Artemy of Grodno. These sentiments – indignation at the extreme violence and lawlessness taking place in Belarus – have had an unprecedented range so far. Priests have written about it openly in their blogs and social networks, have spoken out in sermons, volunteered, participated in protests of solidarity, and opened the doors of churches to shelter the persecuted. The regime lost control over the situation and it was not so easy to get a sense of how events would develop further. One of the key individuals against whom the criticism of both groups is directed is the Chairman of the Synodal Information Department of the BOC.

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  • The building was barricaded from the inside and was filled with riot police wearing body armour.
  • Additionally , quite a few delightful Belarus a lot of women suffer the pain of the problem in local assault.
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  • It was he who condemned the opposition live on December 19, 2010 on the television channel ONT in an epic talk show with Yeromshina participating while there was a brutal dispersal of protests against election fraud in Independence Square.
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  • The third is interested in the stability of the position of the Metropolitan himself and in maintaining support from the state.

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Iryna Khalip, wife of Andrei Sannikov, the jailed opposition leader of Belarus, has described how her husband only ‘confessed’ after threats to kill her and her son. As a result, their wives brought themselves forward to stand in as candidates. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya became the face of the opposition movement in the weeks before the election, supported by Maria Kolesnikova and Veronika Tsepkalo. If you’re a British citizen or permanent resident in the UK and you wish to bring your Russian spouse over from abroad, you may apply for a Spouse Visa. This process involves meeting specific requirements and presenting an application that satisfies the necessary criteria. By making an application for a UK Fiancé visa, this should just be done if your connection is of a serious nature as it depends on you marrying your Russian girlfriend within half a year (six months) of her coming to the UK. We often get asked, “Can I bring my Russian wife or girlfriend to the UK?

But not like different Slavic ladies, they’re extra focused on facial care than on makeup. The stereotype that the more make-up a lady wears, the better she appears continues to be prevalent in neighboring nations, however not in Belarus. As it’s acknowledged, the older the particular particular person, the extra sturdy it’s to find a second half for residing collectively.

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Secondly, there is support for the Belarusian regime specifically, since it gave the church as an organization and its higher authorities certain privileges, thus making it dependent on itself. Thirdly, there are the repressive resources of the regime, which were available and subsequently mobilized. Lastly, there is support for Lukashenko, voiced by Metropolitan Pavel’s superior, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, whose Exarch in Belarus was the former Minsk Metropolitan. When Miss Khalip and her husband took to the streets with thousands of others to protest, trouble flared. Unidentified men she believes were regime provocateurs attacked the main government building in Minsk, giving the riot police the perfect pretext to pounce and Mr Lukashenko the ammunition he needed to claim the opposition was mounting a coup.

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Lepin is also under threat of repeating the fate of one of his predecessors, Archimandrite Alexei (Shynkevich), who was removed from office ten years ago. The National Assembly set the date for the presidential election in May 2020. The months leading up to the election were marked by instability and the tightening of repression by state authorities.

Belarusian presidential election, August 2020

Belarus may not be the best-known international dating destination due to having very famous neighbors, including Russia and Ukraine, but it enjoys its share of popularity. ISANS is an international initiative of experts from different countries.

Amnesty has heard harrowing accounts of peaceful protesters being arrested en masse and subjected to torture, stripped naked, mercilessly beaten, held in stress positions, and deprived of food, drinking water or medical care for days. Belarus is currently experiencing the most egregious clampdown on human rights in its post-independence history.

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“Most particularly, we think of Ales Byalyatski in his dark and isolated prison cell in Minsk,” Berit Reiss-Andersen told the audience, which included King Harald and Queen Sonja. The chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee said during Saturday’s ceremony that the committee’s “thoughts were with all prisoners of conscience in Belarus”. Byalyatski is the fourth person to win the Nobel Peace Prize while in detention, after Germany’s Carl von Ossietzky in 1935, China’s Liu Xiaobo in 2010 and Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi, who was under house arrest, in 1991. OSLO (Reuters) -Russia wants to turn Ukraine into a “dependent dictatorship” like Belarus, the wife of jailed Belarusian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ales Byalyatski said on Saturday upon receiving the prize on his behalf, speaking his words. “She has three, and one is 18 years old so we will need to get the right documents to get them into the country. I just have to have faith we’ll all be together in Stafford some time soon.” Earlier this year Amnesty published a report revealing how the Belarusian authorities have weaponised their justice system to punish survivors of torture rather than perpetrators. Yuliya was officially charged with “participation in an illegal gathering”, but she told Amnesty she believed she is being persecuted for her work on gender equality.

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